Functional Mapping of the Human Brain

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Left hand activation icon The functional mappings contained on this page are primarily from the work of Dr. Ian Law from Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet.

The volume visualization was carried out here on the Technical University of Denmark around 1995 on a Silicon Graphics (SGI) computer using the “volren” program, capturing the screen image with a MJPEG-card equiped PC.

The functional PET images are merged with an anatomical MRI transparent scan.

These movies were used in a science exhibition at the Danish science museum Experimentarium in 1997.
Finn Årup Nielsen, 1995, 2009.

Paradigm Movie Paradigm detail Activation Comments
Eyes icon Visual activation Occipital lobe The vis dataset.
Saccadic eye movements Occipital lobe The sakkade dataset
Left hand Pre- and postcentral gyrus. Cerebellum
Language Left hemisphere The sprog dataset
Mouth The mund dataset
Olfactory Study of R.J. Zatorre and others: Birhinal Olfaction

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