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Areas of brain
		activation in a study by Ian Law


Meta-analyses and visualizations in VRML of stereotaxic coordinates data from the original BrainMapTM at the Research Imaging Center in San Antonio.
Finn Årup Nielsen; 1999, 2009.

Deformable surface


Deformable surface project 1997. MPEG and VRML files are available together with the article "Active Surface Models for Brain Imaging".
Mattias Ohlsson; Peter Toft; Finn Årup Nielsen; 1997.

	    eye movement

Saccadic Eye Movement

Functional neuroimaging studies of saccadic eye movements.
Finn Årup Nielsen; 1999.

Brain activation from a pain study


Functional neuroimaging studies of pain.
Finn Årup Nielsen; 1999.

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