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Brede Database

Brede Database

Brede Database is a neuroinformatics database. It contains taxonomies of brain functions and brain regions as well as results from neuroimaging exeriments.

Results from meta-analysis of the data are presented, and search engines can, e.g., retrieve nearby brain coordinates based on a give Talairach coordinate.

Finn Årup Nielsen, 2008.

Brede Wiki

Brede Wiki

Brede Wiki is a neuroinformatics wiki with structured data from neuroimaging begun in January 2009.
Finn Årup Nielsen, 2009.

Brede Wiki

Other Brede services

Finn Årup Nielsen, 2011.


Other services

Other neuroinformatics services are
  • Related volumes — related volumes in the BrainMap database (San Antonio, Texas).
  • Volumes of Interest — Analyze volumes based on anatomical labels with data extracted from the BrainMap database (San Antonio, Texas).
Finn Årup Nielsen, 2002.


Wikipedia services

Services in relation to the wiki-based encyclopedia:
  • Cite journal miner — a display of results from analysis of how scientific journals are cited from Wikipedia.
  • WP Snipper — an overview of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on Wikipedia.
  • PMID to Cite journal — conversion from the PubMed identifier to the Wikipedia “Cite journal” template.
Note that these services are not affiliated with Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation.
Finn Årup Nielsen, 2008.

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