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brede               brede                - Main function 
brede_air           brede_air            - Roger Woods AIR file
brede_bdb           brede_bdb            - Read and store Brede database
brede_bib           brede_bib            - Overview of 'bib' function'
brede_bib_ac2bib    brede_bib_ac2bib     - Convert Academic Press to Bib struct
brede_bib_asymmetry brede_bib_asymmetry  - Compute asymmetry for 'bib' 
brede_bib_author2authorbrede_bib_author2author - Convert author field in 'bib' structure
brede_bib_author2txtbrede_bib_author2txt - Convert author field in 'bib' structure to text
brede_bib_authors2htmlbrede_bib_authors2html - Convert authors to HTML
brede_bib_bib2bib   brede_bib_bib2bib    - Regularize Bib structure
brede_bib_bib2bibtexbrede_bib_bib2bibtex - Convert 'bib' structure to BibTeX
brede_bib_bib2citekeybrede_bib_bib2citekey - Generate BibTeX key from 'bib' structure
brede_bib_bib2exp   brede_bib_bib2exp    - Convert 'bib' structure to 'exp' structure
brede_bib_bib2html  brede_bib_bib2html   - Convert 'Bib' structure to HTML
brede_bib_bib2html_authorbrede_bib_bib2html_author - Write author index to HTML file
brede_bib_bib2html_fmridcidbrede_bib_bib2html_fmridcid - Index for Hammers field
brede_bib_bib2html_statbrede_bib_bib2html_stat - Generate HTML with descriptive statistics
brede_bib_bib2loc   brede_bib_bib2loc    - Convert 'bib' to 'loc'
brede_bib_bib2mat   brede_bib_bib2mat    - Generate matrix from 'Bib' structure
brede_bib_bib2pmid  brede_bib_bib2pmid   - Get Pubmed PMID from bib structure
brede_bib_bib2str   brede_bib_bib2str    - Convert 'bib' to string.
brede_bib_bib2tex   brede_bib_bib2tex    - Construct LaTeX from 'bib' structure
brede_bib_bib2vcard brede_bib_bib2vcard  - Convert bib structure to vCard 
brede_bib_bib2vol   brede_bib_bib2vol    - Convert a 'bib' structure to a 'vol'
brede_bib_cell2structbrede_bib_cell2struct - Convert 'Bib' cell arrays to structures
brede_bib_getfield  brede_bib_getfield   - Get a field from a 'Bib' structure
brede_bib_journal2journalbrede_bib_journal2journal - Convert journal field in 'bib' structure
brede_bib_medline2bibbrede_bib_medline2bib - Convert MEDLINE string to Bib struct
brede_bib_merge     brede_bib_merge      - Merge 2 bibliographies
brede_bib_pmid2wobibbrede_bib_pmid2wobib - Convert PMID to WOBIB identifier if possible
brede_bib_ref2bib   brede_bib_ref2bib    - String containing a reference to bib
brede_bib_select    brede_bib_select    - Select fields or 'bib' structures
brede_bm            brede_bm             - Functions related to BrainMap
brede_bm_correct_expbrede_bm_correct_exp - Correct the BrainMap database
brede_bm_exp2exp    brede_bm_exp2exp   - Parse string to get BrainMap Experiment
brede_bm_expbib2exp brede_bm_expbib2exp - Merge exp and bib information
brede_bm_get_exp    brede_bm_get_exp     - Get BrainMap experiment from the web
brede_bm_get_loc    brede_bm_get_loc     - Get BrainMap location
brede_bm_get_paper  brede_bm_get_paper   - Get BrainMap paper
brede_bm_paper2abstrbrede_bm_paper2abstr - Get abstract from BrainMap paper
brede_bm_paper2bib  brede_bm_paper2bib   - Parse string to Get BrainMap paper
brede_bm_url        brede_bm_url         - Return BrainMap URL for a paper, eksp. or loc. 
brede_bt_get_entry  brede_bt_get_entry   - Get entries from BibTeX file
brede_cdf           brede_cdf            - Cumulative distribution
brede_cdf_bin       brede_cdf_bin        - Binomial distribution function
brede_cdf_chi2      brede_cdf_chi2       - CDF for chi2-distriibution
brede_cdf_f         brede_cdf_f          - Fisher's F distribution
brede_cdf_gauss     brede_cdf_gauss     - Gaussian (normal) distribution function
brede_cdf_gaussianratiobrede_cdf_gaussianratio - Gaussian ratio distribution
brede_cdf_hypergeo  brede_cdf_hypergeo   - Hypergeometric density distribution
brede_cdf_lta2twotailedbrede_pdf_lta2twotailed(pin) - Convert one-tailed to two-tailed 
brede_cdf_ncf       brede_cdf_ncf        - Fisher's singly noncentral F distribution
brede_cdf_r         brede_cdf_r          - Correlation coefficient for distribution function 
brede_cdf_rank      brede_cdf_rank       - Compute lower tail area for rank
brede_cdf_t         brede_cdf_t         - Student t distribution
brede_cel           brede_cel            - Functions for 'cel' structures
brede_cel_cel2cel   brede_cel_cel2cel    - Convert to canonical form of cell
brede_cel_cel2mat   brede_cel_cel2mat    - Convert 'cel' to 'mat' structure
brede_cel_genotype2matbrede_cel_genotype2mat - Generate 'mat' structure from genotype
brede_cel_subcell   brede_cel_subcell    - Take out part of cel structure
brede_cel_transpose brede_cel_transpose  - Transpose a 'Cel' structure
brede_cocomac_connectivity2matbrede_cocomac_connectivity2mat - Convert CoCoMac Structure
brede_cra_est       brede_cra_est        - Canonical ridge estimation
brede_exp           brede_exp            - Overview over 'exp' functions
brede_exp_cat       brede_exp_cat        - Concatenate two 'exp' structures
brede_exp_exp2exp   brede_exp_exp2exp    - Regularize experiemnt structure
brede_exp_exp2html  brede_exp_exp2html   - Write 'exp' structures to HTML files
brede_exp_exp2html_statbrede_exp_exp2html_stat - Generate HTML with descriptive statistics
brede_exp_exp2loc   brede_exp_exp2loc    - Convert 'exp' to 'loc'
brede_exp_exp2mat   brede_exp_exp2mat    - Generate matrix from 'Exp' structure
brede_exp_exp2str   brede_exp_exp2str    - Convert 'exp' structure to string
brede_exp_exp2tex   brede_exp_exp2tex    - Convert 'exp' structure to LaTeX
brede_exp_exp2vol   brede_exp_exp2vol    - Generate volumes from 'Exp' structure
brede_exp_extract   brede_exp_extract    - Extract experiment 
brede_exp_getfield  brede_exp_getfield   - Get a field from a 'Exp' structure
brede_exp_outlier   brede_exp_outlier    - Find outliers
brede_exp_query     brede_exp_query      - Query after 'exp' structures
brede_exp_select    brede_exp_select    - Select fields or 'exp' structures
brede_ext           brede_ext            - Overview of ext functions and structure
brede_ext_ext2html  brede_ext_ext2html   - Generate HTML from ext structures
brede_ext_ext2mat   brede_ext_ext2mat    - Convert 'ext' to 'mat' structure
brede_ext_ext2str   brede_ext_ext2str    - Convert 'ext' structure to string
brede_ext_getfield  brede_ext_getfield   - Get a field from a 'Ext' structure
brede_ext_woext2htmlbrede_ext_woext2html - WOEXT to HTML
brede_hash_func     brede_hash_func      - Hash function
brede_hb_cityscape  brede_hb_cityscape   - Construct hyperbrain VRML Cityscape
brede_hb_house      brede_hb_house       - Hyperbrain VRML House
brede_hb_person     brede_hb_person      - Hyperbrain VRML person
brede_hb_torus      brede_hb_torus       - Hyperbrain VRML Torus
brede_html_close_jernebrede_html_close_jerne - Close a HTML file in the jerne style
brede_html_list     brede_html_list      - Make a HTML with a list
brede_html_loc      brede_html_loc       - Write locations to a HTML file
brede_html_open_jernebrede_html_open_jerne - Open a file and write a "Jerne" header
brede_html_relvol   brede_html_relvol    - Construct HTML files with related volumes 
brede_html_vol2html brede_html_vol2html  - Construct HTML files with probability volumes
brede_ica_bs_est    brede_ica_bs_est     - Bell & Sejnowski ICA estimation
brede_ica_est       brede_ica_est        - Independent component analysis
brede_ica_nbs_est   brede_ica_nbs_est    - Non-symmetric Bell & Sejnowski ICA
brede_idf_chi2      brede_idf_chi2       - IDF for chi2-distriibution
brede_idf_gauss     brede_idf_gauss      - Inverse cumulated Gaussian distribution
brede_jou_wojou2bib brede_jou_wojou2bib  - WOJOU identifier to 'bib' structure
brede_loc           brede_loc            - Overview of 'Loc' structure functions
brede_loc_asymmetry brede_loc_asymmetry  - Generate an asymmetry index 
brede_loc_coord2url brede_loc_coord2url  - Generate URL from coordinate
brede_loc_dist_hausdorffbrede_loc_dist_hausdorff - Hausdorff distance between two point sets
brede_loc_dist_minminbrede_loc_dist_minmin - Minmin distance between two point sets
brede_loc_hulllevel brede_loc_hulllevel  - Hull level of 'loc' structures
brede_loc_label     brede_loc_label      - Label locations
brede_loc_loc2coord brede_loc_loc2coord  - Return coordinates from loc structure
brede_loc_loc2exp   brede_loc_loc2exp    - Convert 'loc' to 'exp' structure
brede_loc_loc2html  brede_loc_loc2html   - Write locations to HTML file
brede_loc_loc2html_statbrede_loc_loc2html   - Write locations to HTML file
brede_loc_loc2loc   brede_loc_loc2loc    - Convert location structure to location
brede_loc_loc2mat   brede_loc_loc2mat    - Convert 'loc' to 'mat' structure
brede_loc_loc2tex   brede_loc_loc2tex    - Loc structure to LaTeX
brede_loc_loc2vol   brede_loc_loc2vol        - Generate volume from locations
brede_loc_loc2wptemplatebrede_loc_loc2wptemplate - Wikipedia template from loc structure
brede_loc_mat2loc   brede_loc_mat2loc    - Convert matrix to Location structure.
brede_loc_mean      brede_loc_mean       - Mean coordinate 
brede_loc_median    brede_loc_median     - Median of coordinates in 'loc' structure
brede_loc_nearestlocbrede_loc_nearestloc - Find the nearest locations 
brede_loc_query     brede_loc_query      - Query after 'loc' structures
brede_loc_select    brede_loc_select    - Select fields or 'loc' structures
brede_loc_symmetrizebrede_loc_symmetrize - Symmetrize (mirror in the x) locations
brede_loc_test_equalbrede_loc_test_equal  - Test if 'loc' structures are equal
brede_loc_test_gaussianbrede_loc_test_gaussian - Test for gaussianity
brede_loc_vol       brede_loc_vol        - Generate volume from locations
brede_loc_xform     brede_loc_xform      - Transform a set of coordinates
brede_make          brede_make           - Function to compile the mex functions
brede_mat           brede_mat            - Overview over 'mat' functions
brede_mat_2mat2html brede_mat_2mat2html  - Convert two matrices to HTML
brede_mat_abs       brede_mat_abs        - Row and column abs of matrix
brede_mat_add       brede_mat_add    - Add two matrices from 'Mat' structures
brede_mat_ascendantsbrede_mat_ascendants - Find ascendants 
brede_mat_assignmentbrede_mat_assignment - Matching a bipartite graph'(Hungarian method)
brede_mat_binarize  brede_mat_binarize        - Binarize
brede_mat_cat       brede_mat_cat        - Concatenate two matrix structures
brede_mat_cat_columnsbrede_mat_cat_columns - Concatenate columns in matrix structures
brede_mat_cat_interceptbrede_mat_cat_intercept - Add a column with 'ones' to a matrix
brede_mat_cca       brede_mat_cca        - Canonical correlation analysis
brede_mat_center    brede_mat_center     - Centering of a 'mat' structure
brede_mat_clustercoefbrede_mat_clustercoef - Cluster coefficient
brede_mat_concordancebrede_mat_concordance - Lin's concordance correlation coefficient
brede_mat_conncomp  brede_mat_conncomp   - Find connected components
brede_mat_corrcoef  brede_mat_corrcoef  - Correlation coefficient
brede_mat_cov       brede_mat_cov        - Covariance matrix
brede_mat_cumsum    brede_mat_cumsum     - Cumulated sum
brede_mat_density   brede_mat_density    - Density of a matrix
brede_mat_descendantsbrede_mat_descendants - Find descendants 
brede_mat_digamma   brede_mat_digamma    - Digamma function
brede_mat_dist      brede_mat_dist       - Distance between objects
brede_mat_divide    brede_mat_divide     - Element-wise divide
brede_mat_elemproductbrede_mat_elemproduct    - MElement-wise matrix product
brede_mat_elimsinglebrede_mat_elimsingle - Eliminate columns with single instances
brede_mat_elimstop  brede_mat_elimstop   - Eliminate stop words
brede_mat_elimzero  brede_mat_elimzero   - Eliminate columns with zero instances
brede_mat_fowlkesmallowsbrede_mat_fowlkesmallows - Compute Fowlkes Mallows similarity
brede_mat_getfield  brede_mat_getfield   - Get a field from a 'Mat' structure
brede_mat_getrows   brede_mat_getrows    - Get rows from 'mat' structures
brede_mat_glm       brede_mat_glm        - General linear model
brede_mat_glm_est   brede_mat_glm_est    - General linear model estimation
brede_mat_glm_testablebrede_mat_glm_testable - Test is a certain contrast is testable
brede_mat_hkmc      brede_mat_hkmc        - K-means clustering
brede_mat_hnmf      brede_mat_hnmf        - Hierarchical NMF
brede_mat_hubauthoritybrede_mat_hubauthority   - Hub and authority for a matrix
brede_mat_hulllevel brede_mat_hulllevel  - Hull level of vertices
brede_mat_ibfa      brede_mat_ibfa        - Interbattery analysis
brede_mat_ica       brede_mat_ica        - Independent component analysis
brede_mat_icc       brede_mat_icc        - Intraclass correlation coefficient
brede_mat_impute    brede_mat_impute     - Imputation
brede_mat_inv       brede_mat_inv    - Inverse of matrix
brede_mat_iproduct  brede_mat_iproduct    - Inner product of 'mat' structures
brede_mat_isnan     brede_mat_isnan      - isnan for 'mat' structures
brede_mat_kmc       brede_mat_kmc        - K-means clustering
brede_mat_knn       brede_mat_knn        - k nearest neighbor
brede_mat_kummer    brede_mat_kummer     - Kummer's confluent hypergeometric function
brede_mat_lad_est   brede_mat_lad_est    - Least absolute deviation estimation
brede_mat_loganplot brede_mat_loganplot  - Logan plot analysis
brede_mat_mat2cel   brede_mat_mat2cel    - Convert 'mat' structure to 'cel' structure
brede_mat_mat2html  brede_mat_mat2html   - Convert 'mat' structure to HTML
brede_mat_mat2loc   brede_mat_mat2loc    - Convert 'mat' structure to 'loc' structures'
brede_mat_mat2mat   brede_mat_mat2mat    - Convert or clean matrix
brede_mat_mat2str   brede_mat_mat2str    - Generate a string for a 'mat' structure
brede_mat_mat2tex   brede_mat_mat2html   - Convert 'mat' structure to TeX
brede_mat_mat2vol   brede_mat_mat2vol    - Convert 'mat' to 'vol' structure
brede_mat_match     brede_mat_match      - Match columns or rows of two matrices
brede_mat_mean      brede_mat_mean       - Mean of matrix
brede_mat_minus     brede_mat_minus      - Subtract a matrix from another
brede_mat_mma       brede_mat_mma        - Multinomial mixture analysis
brede_mat_mrtm      brede_mat_mrtm       - Ichise's MRTM analysis
brede_mat_mutualinfobrede_mat_mutualinfo - Mutual information 
brede_mat_nls_est   brede_mat_nls_est    - Non-negative least squares estimation
brede_mat_nlsb_est  brede_mat_nlsb_est    - Non-negative least squares estimation
brede_mat_nmf       brede_mat_nmf        - Non-negative matrix factorization
brede_mat_novelty   brede_mat_novelty    - Novelty/outlierness for matrix
brede_mat_ones      brede_mat_ones       - 'Mat' structure with ones
brede_mat_onmf      brede_mat_onmf       - Orthogonal non-negative matrix factorization 
brede_mat_oproduct  brede_mat_oproduct    - Inner product of 'mat' structures
brede_mat_orthopcaspacebrede_mat_orthopcaspace - Remove PCA-subspace
brede_mat_orthospacebrede_mat_orthospace - Projection onto the orthogonal subspace 
brede_mat_partcorrcoefbrede_mat_partcorrcoef  - Correlation coefficient
brede_mat_partcorrcoef_testbrede_mat_partcorrcoef_test  - Correlation coefficient
brede_mat_partcorrcoef_tvaluebrede_mat_partcorrcoef_tvalue  - T-value for partial correlation
brede_mat_pcr_est   brede_mat_pcr_est    - Principal component regression estimation
brede_mat_permute   brede_mat_permute    - Permute rows of matrix
brede_mat_plot_bullseyebrede_mat_plot_bullseye  - Bullseye plot of 'Mat' structure
brede_mat_plot_clusterbushbrede_mat_plot_clusterbush - Plot a hierarchy of clusters
brede_mat_plot_countbrede_mat_plot_count - Plot row or columns summeratization
brede_mat_plot_linesbrede_mat_plot_lines - Plot matrix elements as lines
brede_mat_plot_mds  brede_mat_plot_mds   - Multidimensional scaling for 'Mat' structure
brede_mat_plot_partcorrcoef_evolvebrede_mat_plot_partcorrcoef_evolve - Plot of evolution of correlation
brede_mat_plot_path brede_mat_plot_path  - Plot paths between two nodes.
brede_mat_plot_targ brede_mat_plot_targ  - 'Target Sociogram' plot of 'Mat' structure
brede_mat_product   brede_mat_product    - Multiply two matrices from 'Mat' structures
brede_mat_rankindicatorbrede_mat_rankindicator - Construct a 'rank indicator' matrix
brede_mat_reconerrorbrede_mat_reconerror - Reconstruction error for a matrix
brede_mat_roc       brede_mat_roc        - Receiver operating Characteristics (ROC)
brede_mat_rows2strs brede_mat_rows2strs  - Convert rows to strings
brede_mat_scale     brede_mat_scale      - Scale a matrix
brede_mat_sem       brede_mat_sem        - Structural equations modeling
brede_mat_sem_aic   brede_mat_sem_aic    - AIC for structural equation model
brede_mat_sem_bic   brede_mat_sem_bic    - BIC for structural equation model
brede_mat_sem_grow  brede_mat_sem_grow   - Grow structural equation model
brede_mat_sem_loglikelihoodbrede_mat_sem_loglikelihood - Log-likelihood for structural equation 
brede_mat_skewness  brede_mat_skewness  - Skewness
brede_mat_sort      brede_mat_sort       - Sort rows or columns
brede_mat_std       brede_mat_std       - Std of matrix
brede_mat_submatrix brede_mat_submatrix  - Pick out submatrix
brede_mat_sum       brede_mat_sum        - Row and column sum of matrix
brede_mat_svd       brede_mat_svd        - Singular value decomposition
brede_mat_transpose brede_mat_transpose  - Transpose a 'Mat' structure
brede_mat_wta       brede_mat_wta        - Winner takes all
brede_nmf_cost_div  brede_nmf_cost_div   - NMF divergence costfunction
brede_nmf_cost_eucl brede_nmf_cost_eucl  - NMF euclidean cost
brede_nmf_est       brede_nmf_est        - Non-negative matrix factorization
brede_opt_cg        brede_opt_cg         - Rasmussen/Goutte's conjugate gradient minimization
brede_opt_gradient  brede_opt_gradient   - Optimization with Gradient minimization
brede_pde           brede_pde            - Probability density estimation
brede_pde_binmix    brede_pde_binmix     - Estimation of binomial mixture model
brede_pde_binmix_derbrede_pde_binmix_der - Derivative of the binomial mixture
brede_pde_binmix_ll brede_pde_binmix_ll  - Loglikelihood of mixture of binomials
brede_pde_specht    brede_pde_specht     - Specht Kernel evaluation
brede_pde_spechtest brede_pde_spechtest   - Estimation of the kernel width for Specht
brede_pde_spechtlp  brede_pde_spechtlp   - Specht Kernel logarithmic probability
brede_pdf_bin       brede_pdf_bin        - Binomial probability density function
brede_pdf_binmix    brede_pdf_binmix     - Probability density for binomial mixture
brede_pdf_cauchy    brede_pdf_cauchy     - PDF of multivariate Cauchy-distribution
brede_pdf_chi2      brede_pdf_chi2       - PDF of chi2-distriibution
brede_pdf_gauss     brede_pdf_gauss      - Gaussian probability density
brede_pdf_gaussianratiobrede_pdf_gaussianratio - Gaussian ratio distribution
brede_pdf_hypergeo  brede_pdf_hypergeo   - Hypergeometric density distribution
brede_pdf_nig       brede_pdf_nig        - Normal inverse gamma probability density
brede_pdf_t         brede_pdf_t          - PDF of multivariate t-distribution
brede_per           brede_per            - Overview of function for 'per' structure
brede_per_per2html  brede_per_per2html   - Convert 'per' structure to HTML
brede_plot          brede_plot           - Plot functions of brede
brede_plot_set_fontsizebrede_plot_set_fontsize - Set fontsize for plot
brede_plot_wordfreq brede_plot_wordfreq  - Plot word frequency
brede_plot_wordsvd  brede_plot_wordsvd   - Plot singular vector from SVD of word matrix
brede_re_match      brede_re_match       - Regular expresssion matching
brede_read          brede_read           - Overview of file reading functions
brede_read_air      brede_read_air       - Read Roger Woods AIR file
brede_read_amat     brede_read_amat      - Read in Antonia Hamiliton's AMAT database
brede_read_analyze  brede_read_analyze   - Reads an ANALYZE file
brede_read_analyze4dbrede_read_analyze4d   - Reads 4 dimensional ANALYZE file
brede_read_bibtex   brede_read_bibtex    - Read BIBTeX file
brede_read_csv2cel  brede_read_csv2cel   - Read file for cel structure
brede_read_csv2loc  brede_read_csv2loc   - Read locations from a comma separated
brede_read_csv2mat  brede_read_csv2mat   - Read comma separated file to 'mat' structure
brede_read_guessfiletypebrede_read_guessfiletype - Try to guess the filetype
brede_read_nifti1   brede_read_nifti1   - Reads an NIfTI-1 file
brede_read_off      brede_read_off       - Read an OFF file 
brede_read_rawicbm  brede_read_rawicbm   - Reads a file containing a volume. 
brede_read_spm_eegtemplatebrede_read_spm_eegtemplate - Read SPM5 EEGtemplates
brede_read_spm_gray brede_read_spm_gray  - Read SPM's apriori gray volume from SPM
brede_read_spm_mat  brede_read_spm_mat   - Read SPM .mat transformation matrix
brede_read_spm_sn_affinebrede_read_spm_sn_affine - Read SPM transformation matrix from 'sn'
brede_read_txtlines brede_read_txtlines  - Read file with text lines
brede_read_txtmatrixbrede_read_txtmatrix - Read a 'Mat' structure from text files.
brede_read_txttable brede_read_txttable  - Read file with text table
brede_read_vapet3d  brede_read_vapet3d   - Read a VAPET volume file 
brede_read_volumes  brede_read_volumes   - Read volume files
brede_read_xls2cel  brede_read_xls2cel   - Read Excel XLS file to a 'cel' structure
brede_read_xml      brede_read_xml       - Read XML file into structure
brede_read_xml2vol  brede_read_xml2vol   - Read a XML file with a volume
brede_read_xml_cocomacbrede_read_xml_cocomac - Read CoCoMac XML file
brede_roi           brede_roi            - Over of ROI functions
brede_roi_roi2html  brede_roi_roi2html   - Convert 'roi' structure to HTML
brede_roi_roi2html_alphabrede_roi_roi2html_alpha - Alphabetic index for 'roi' field
brede_roi_roi2html_hambrede_roi_roi2html_ham - Index for Hammers field
brede_roi_roi2html_svarerbrede_roi_roi2html_svarer - Index for Svarer field in 'roi'
brede_roi_roi2html_tzourbrede_roi_roi2html_tzour - Index for Tzourio-Mazoyer field in 'roi'
brede_roi_roi2mat   brede_roi_roi2mat    - Convert 'roi' structures to 'mat' structure
brede_roi_roi2names brede_roi_roi2names  - Get names for ROI 
brede_roi_roi2str   brede_roi_roi2str    - Convert 'roi' structure to string
brede_roi_roi2tex   brede_roi_roi2tex    - Construct LaTeX from 'roi' structure
brede_roi_tzour2roi brede_roi_tzour2roi  - Find/convert Tzourio-Mazoyer AAL identifier
brede_roi_woroi2loc brede_roi_woroi2loc  - Get location for brain region
brede_roi_woroi2roi brede_roi_woroi2roi  - Get 'Roi' for a WOROI identifier
brede_spm2_table2locbrede_spm2_table2loc - Convert result table to locations
brede_spm99_table2locbrede_spm99_table2loc - Convert result table to locations
brede_stereo_anagl  brede_stereo_anagl   - Make anaglyph stereoscopy image
brede_str           brede_str            - Overview of string functions
brede_str_author2authorbrede_str_author2author - Parse string with authors
brede_str_charfrq   brede_str_charfrq    - Character frequency
brede_str_clean     brede_str_clean      - 'Clean' string 
brede_str_date      brede_str_date       - Return date with ISO formatting
brede_str_deblank   brede_str_deblank    - Removes starting and trailing whitespace
brede_str_dehtml    brede_str_dehtml     - Remove HTML markup from string. 
brede_str_elimstop  brede_str_elimstop   - Eliminate stop words
brede_str_erase     brede_str_erase      - Erase a substring in a string
brede_str_google2urlsbrede_str_google2urls - Extract URLs from the Google search result
brede_str_html2str  brede_str_xml2str    - Deescape xml
brede_str_lix       brede_str_lix        - String: lix 
brede_str_ngram     brede_str_ngram      - N-gram 
brede_str_pdf2txt   brede_str_pdf2txt    - Convert PDF file to text
brede_str_phrasefrq brede_str_phrasefrq  - Compute phrase frequency
brede_str_plot_chfr brede_str_plot_chfr  - Plot character frequency
brede_str_plot_phrasefrqbrede_str_plot_phrasefrq - Plot phrase frequency
brede_str_ps2txt    brede_str_ps2txt     - Convert a PostScript file to a text file.
brede_str_split     brede_str_split      - Split a string into substring
brede_str_splitkey  brede_str_splitkey   - Split keyword string into words matrix
brede_str_splitword brede_str_splitword  - Split string into words
brede_str_str2alphanumbrede_str_str2alphanum - Maintain only alphanumeric characters
brede_str_str2bib   brede_str_str2bib    - Convert string to bib
brede_str_str2html  brede_str_str2html   - Convert string to HTML
brede_str_str2mat   brede_str_str2mat    - Convert string into a 'Mat' structure
brede_str_str2woroi brede_str_str2woroi  - Try to convert a string to a WOROI
brede_str_ucfirst   brede_str_ucfirst    - Upper case first letter
brede_str_wordstem  brede_str_wordstem   - Stem the words of a string
brede_str_wptemplate2structbrede_str_wptemplate2struct - Wikipedia template to structure
brede_struct        brede_struct         - Function for structures
brede_struct_array2cellbrede_struct_array2cell - Convert structure as array to cell array
brede_struct_field2cellstrbrede_struct_field2cellstr - Convert field to cellstr
brede_struct_field2numbrede_struct_field2num - Convert field to number
brede_struct_field2numsbrede_struct_field2nums - Convert field to number
brede_struct_field2strbrede_struct_field2str - Convert field to cellstr
brede_struct_fieldnamesbrede_struct_fieldnames - Return fieldnames
brede_struct_getelementbrede_struct_getelement - Get element from a field.
brede_struct_guesstypebrede_struct_guesstype - Try to guess type of structure
brede_struct_select brede_struct_select    - Select fields from structures
brede_struct_struct2strbrede_struct_struct2str - Convert structure to string
brede_sur           brede_sur            - Overview of 'sur' structure and functions
brede_sur_area      brede_sur_area       - Measure the area of a surface
brede_sur_color     brede_sur_color      - Generate color for surface
brede_sur_connectivitybrede_sur_connectivity - Connectivity matrix
brede_sur_convhull  brede_sur_convhull   - Convex hull for a surface
brede_sur_cube      brede_sur_cube       - Construct a cube in a 'sur' structure
brede_sur_curvature brede_sur_curvature  - Curvature of a surface
brede_sur_dist      brede_sur_dist       - Distance to surface
brede_sur_drury     brede_sur_drury      - Return Drury cortex surface
brede_sur_flatten   brede_sur_flatten    - Flatten surface
brede_sur_hulllevel brede_sur_hulllevel  - Hull level of vertices
brede_sur_octahedronbrede_sur_octahedron - Construct a octahedron in a 'sur' structure
brede_sur_reduce    brede_sur_reduce     - Reduce surface
brede_sur_refine    brede_sur_refine     - Refine surface
brede_sur_scalevert brede_sur_scale      - Scale vertices in 'sur' structure
brede_sur_smoothvertbrede_sur_smoothvert - Smooth position of vertices
brede_sur_sphere    brede_sur_sphere       - Construct a sphere in a 'sur' structure
brede_sur_subsurfacebrede_sur_subsurface - Extract sub-surface
brede_sur_sur2mat   brede_sur_sur2mat    - Convert 'sur' structure to 'mat'
brede_sur_tetrahedronbrede_sur_tetrahedron - Construct a tetrahedron in a 'sur' structure
brede_sur_triangularizebrede_sur_triangularize - Triangularize mesh
brede_sur_unfold    brede_sur_unfold     - Unfold a surfaces
brede_svd_est       brede_svd_est        - Singular value decomposition
brede_svd_test      brede_svd_test       - Test for principal components. 
brede_ta2           brede_ta2            - Overview of 2D plotting function
brede_ta2_axis      brede_ta2_axis       - Control axis scaling
brede_ta2_concortex brede_ta2_concortex  - Construct 3D Talairach contours of cortex
brede_ta2_digitize  brede_ta2_digitize   - Interactive digitization in Talairach
brede_ta2_frame     brede_ta2_frame      - Frame for 2D Talairach plot
brede_ta2_grid      brede_ta2_grid       - Construct 2D Talairach grid
brede_ta2_loc       brede_ta2_loc        - Plot 'loc' in 2D Talairach space
brede_ta2_vol       brede_ta2_vol        - Plot volume in 2D slices
brede_ta3           brede_ta3            - Overview of 'ta3' functions
brede_ta3_aal       brede_ta3_aal        - Display the AAL segmented images
brede_ta3_axes      brede_ta3_axes       - Construct 3D Talairach axes
brede_ta3_axlabel   brede_ta3_axlabel    - Construct 3D Talairach axes labels 
brede_ta3_bib       brede_ta3_bib        - Plot a bib in 3D Talairach space
brede_ta3_brodnum   brede_ta3_brodnum    - Construct 3D Talairach Brodmann numbers
brede_ta3_concortex brede_ta3_concortex  - Construct 3D Talairach contours of cortex
brede_ta3_contour   brede_ta3_contour    - Construct 3D Talairach contours
brede_ta3_drury     brede_ta3_drury      - Construct 3D Talairach Drury cortex surface
brede_ta3_exp       brede_ta3_exp        - Plot an exp in 3D Talairach space
brede_ta3_eyes      brede_ta3_eyes       - Construct 3D Talairach eyes
brede_ta3_frame     brede_ta3_frame      - Construct 3D Talairach Frame 
brede_ta3_grid      brede_ta3_grid       - Construct 3D Talairach grid
brede_ta3_light     brede_ta3_light      - Setup light for Talairach display
brede_ta3_loc       brede_ta3_loc        - Construct 3D Talairach locations (points)
brede_ta3_mat       brede_ta3_mat        - Plot matrix in 3D corner cube environment
brede_ta3_movie     brede_ta3_movie      - Make a movie
brede_ta3_patch     brede_ta3_patch      - Construct 3D patch surface
brede_ta3_patchwall brede_ta3_patchwall  - Construct 3D patch wall
brede_ta3_sur       brede_ta3_sur        - Plot a 'sur' surface in Talairach space
brede_ta3_sur_digitizebrede_ta3_sur_digitize - Digitization of surfaces
brede_ta3_tick      brede_ta3_tick       - Tick marks for Talairach 
brede_ta3_view      brede_ta3_view       - Set viewpoint
brede_ta3_volslice  brede_ta3_volslice    - Construct 3D Talairach volume slices
brede_ta3_volsurf   brede_ta3_volsurf    - Construct 3D Talairach volume surface
brede_tal_concere   brede_tal_concere    - Return the contour of the cerebellum
brede_tex_list      brede_tex_list      - Make a LaTeX code with list
brede_ui            brede_ui         - Main graphical user interface
brede_ui_bib        brede_ui_bib         - UI for editing 'Bib' structure
brede_ui_bibs       brede_ui_bibs         - UI for editing 'Bibs' structure
brede_ui_cel        brede_ui_cel         - UI for viewing a 'cel' structure
brede_ui_exp        brede_ui_exp         - UI for editing 'Exp' structure
brede_ui_getfiles   brede_ui_getfiles    - UI for specifying filenames
brede_ui_loc        brede_ui_loc         - UI for editing 'Loc' structure
brede_ui_loc_init   brede_ui_loc_init    - UI for initialization of editing 'Loc' structure
brede_ui_mat        brede_ui_mat         - UI for viewing a 'Mat' structure
brede_ui_mat_partcorrcoefbrede_ui_mat_partcorrcoef - UI for partial correlation
brede_ui_roi        brede_ui_roi         - UI for editing 'Roi' structure
brede_ui_rois       brede_ui_rois         - UI for editing 'Rois' structure
brede_ui_sur        brede_ui_sur         - UI for viewing a 'Sur' structure
brede_ui_talspace_digitizebrede_ui_talspace_digitize - Digitize images from TalSpace
brede_ui_vol        brede_ui_vol         - UI for viewing a 'Vol' structure
brede_ui_vols       brede_ui_vols         - UI for viewing a 'Vol' structure
brede_url           brede_url            - Overview of URL functions
brede_url_braininfo brede_url_braininfo  - Return URL to BrainInfo
brede_url_cocomacsitebrede_url_cocomacsite - Construct CocoMac Site URL
brede_url_doi       brede_url_doi        - Construct URL from DOI
brede_url_fmridcid  brede_url_fmridcid   - Construct a URL from a fMRI data center ID
brede_url_genesymbolbrede_url_genesymbol - URL for gene symbol
brede_url_ibvdname  brede_url_ibvdname   - Construct URL for IBVD name
brede_url_meshuid   brede_url_meshuid    - Generate URL to MeSH unique identifier
brede_url_neurondbprbrede_url_neurondbpr - Construct URL for SenseLab NeuronDB 
brede_url_neurotreeidbrede_url_neurotreeid - Construct URL for NeuroTree Id
brede_url_omim      brede_url_omim        - Construct URL from OMIM
brede_url_pmid      brede_url_pmid       - Construct URL for Pubmed request
brede_url_whoicdten brede_url_whoicdten  - Generate URL to WHO ICD-10 identifier
brede_url_wikipedia brede_url_wikipedia    - Generate URL to MeSH unique identifier
brede_url_wobib     brede_url_wobib     - Construct URL from WOBIB
brede_url_woexp     brede_url_woexp     - Construct URL from WOEXP
brede_url_woext     brede_url_woext     - Construct URL from WOEXT
brede_url_woper     brede_url_woper     - Construct URL from WOPER
brede_url_woroi     brede_url_woroi     - Construct URL from WOROI
brede_ut_ismember   brede_ut_ismember    - More effecient implementation of ismember
brede_vhb_bkground  brede_vhb_bkground   - Construct VRML Hyperbrain Background
brede_vhb_close     brede_vhb_close      - Close a VRML Hyperbrain file
brede_vhb_house     brede_vhb_house      - Hyperbrain VRML House
brede_vhb_navigate  brede_vhb_navigate   - Construct VRML Hyperbrain NavigationInfo
brede_vhb_open      brede_vhb_open       - Open a VRML Hyperbrain file
brede_vhb_person    brede_vhb_person     - Hyperbrain VRML person
brede_vhb_torus     brede_vhb_torus      - VRML Hyperbrain Torus
brede_vhb_viewpoint brede_vta_viewpoint  - Construct VRML Hyperbrain viewpoints
brede_vol           brede_vol            - Overview of volume functions
brede_vol_abs       brede_vol_abs        - Absolute value of voxel values
brede_vol_and       brede_vol_and        - Binary AND function on volumes
brede_vol_assign2labelbrede_vol_assign2label - Convert assignment to labeled 'vol'
brede_vol_binarize  brede_vol_binarize        - Binarize 'vol' structure
brede_vol_center    brede_vol_center     - Calculate center of volume
brede_vol_coactivatebrede_vol_coactivate - Find coactivation volume
brede_vol_density2probbrede_vol_density2prob - Convert density to probability volume
brede_vol_divide    brede_vol_divide        - Divide 'vol' structures
brede_vol_flood     brede_vol_flood      - Flooding operation on binary volume
brede_vol_gencoord  brede_vol_gencoord   - Generate coordinates for volumes
brede_vol_get_voxelvaluebrede_vol_get_voxelvalue - Get the voxel value from a 'vol'
brede_vol_glcm      brede_vol_glcm       - Grey level cooccurence matrix
brede_vol_loc       brede_vol_loc        - Find location (foci) in a volume
brede_vol_mask      brede_vol_mask       - Generate volume mask
brede_vol_mat2vol   brede_vol_mat2vol    - Convert vector/matrix to volume structure
brede_vol_mean      brede_vol_mean       - Mean over volumes
brede_vol_mirror    brede_vol_mirror     - Mirror volume
brede_vol_negate    brede_vol_negate        - Negate 'vol' structure
brede_vol_not       brede_vol_not        - Binary not function on volume
brede_vol_or        brede_vol_or        - Binary OR function on volumes
brede_vol_origin    brede_vol_origin     - Return origin of volume in 'vol' structure
brede_vol_plot_cumdistbrede_vol_plot_cumdist - Plot cumulative distribution function 
brede_vol_plot_hist brede_vol_plot_hist  - Plot histogram for 'vol' structure
brede_vol_plot_roc  brede_vol_plot_roc   - Plot ROC curve 
brede_vol_product   brede_vol_product    - Product between volumes
brede_vol_range     brede_vol_range      - Find range of volume
brede_vol_regident  brede_vol_regident   - Region identification in a volume
brede_vol_register  brede_vol_register - Image registration of volume(s)
brede_vol_resample  brede_vol_resample   - Resample the volume
brede_vol_scale     brede_vol_scale      - Scaling of a volume
brede_vol_smooth    brede_vol_smooth     - Smooth a volume
brede_vol_subtract  brede_vol_subtract   - Subtract one volume from an other
brede_vol_threshold brede_vol_threshold  - Threshold volume
brede_vol_twosample brede_vol_twosample  - Two-sample t-statistics
brede_vol_vol2exp   brede_vol_vol2exp    - A 'mat' structure from a 'exp' structure
brede_vol_vol2loc   brede_vol_vol2loc    - Find location (foci) in a volume
brede_vol_vol2mat   brede_vol_vol2mat    - A 'mat' structure from a 'vol' structure
brede_vol_vol2str   brede_vol_vol2str    - String for 'vol' structure
brede_vol_vol2sur   brede_vol_vol2sur    - Convert volume to surface
brede_vol_vol2vrml  brede_vol_vol2vrml   - Construct VRML surface from a volume
brede_vol_vols2html brede_vol_vols2html  - Convert volumes to HTML
brede_vol_volumemeanbrede_vol_volumemean - Mean in volume
brede_vol_xform     brede_vol_xform      - Transform a 'vol' structure
brede_vol_zero      brede_vol_zero       - Mask zero volume (partially)
brede_vrml          brede_vrml           - Overview of VRML functions
brede_vrml_faceset  brede_vrml_faceset   - Construct VRML faceset or lineset
brede_vrml_open     brede_vrml_open      - Open a VRML file
brede_vrml_strimage brede_vrml_strimage  - Convert string to VRML texture
brede_vrml_text     brede_vrml_text      - Write a text in VRML 
brede_vrml_unique   brede_vrml_unique    - Return a unique identifier
brede_vrml_volplane brede_vrml_volplane  - Construct VRML surface from a volume
brede_vrml_volsurf  brede_vrml_volsurf   - Construct VRML surface from a volume
brede_vta           brede_vta            - Generation of Talairach VRML files
brede_vta_1020elec  brede_vta_1020elec   - Construct VRML Talairach 10 20 electrodes
brede_vta_1020slice brede_vta_1020slice  - Construct VRML Talairach 10 20 slices
brede_vta_aniview   brede_vta_aniview    - Construct VRML Talairach animated viewpoint
brede_vta_axes      brede_vta_axes       - Construct VRML Talairach axes
brede_vta_axlabel   brede_vta_axlabel    - Construct VRML Talairach axes labels 
brede_vta_bib       brede_vta_bib        - Construct VRML Talairach model from Bib
brede_vta_bkground  brede_vta_bkground   - Construct VRML Talairach Background
brede_vta_brodnum   brede_vta_brodnum    - Construct VRML Talairach Brodmann numbers
brede_vta_close     brede_vta_close      - Close a VRML Talairach file
brede_vta_contour   brede_vta_contour    - Construct VRML Talairach contour
brede_vta_dipole    brede_vta_dipole     - Construct VRML Talairach dipole
brede_vta_drury     brede_vta_drury      - Construct VRML Talairach Drury cortex surface
brede_vta_exp       brede_vta_exp        - Contruct VRML Talairach model from 'exp'
brede_vta_grid      brede_vta_grid       - Construct VRML Talairach grid
brede_vta_loc       brede_vta_loc        - Plot VRML Talairach points
brede_vta_navigate  brede_vta_navigate   - Construct VRML Talairach NavigationInfo
brede_vta_open      brede_vta_open       - Open a VRML Talairach file
brede_vta_orientlab brede_vta_orientlab  - Construct VRML Talairach Orientation labels 
brede_vta_panmark   brede_vta_panmark    - Construct VRML Talairach PAN markers
brede_vta_patch     brede_vta_patch      - Construct 3D patch surface
brede_vta_patchwall brede_vta_patchwall  - Construct 3D patch wall in a VRML file
brede_vta_point     brede_vta_point      - Plot VRML Talairach points
brede_vta_ruler     brede_vta_ruler      - Construct VRML Talairach ruler
brede_vta_sphere    brede_vta_sphere     - Construct VRML Talairach sphere
brede_vta_viewpoint brede_vta_viewpoint  - Construct VRML Talairach viewpoints
brede_vta_volsurf   brede_vta_volsurf   - Construct VRML surface from a volume
brede_web           brede_web            Web structure and functions
brede_web_alltheweb brede_web_alltheweb - Perform an alltheweb search
brede_web_altavista brede_web_altavista  - Perform an AltaVista search
brede_web_google    brede_web_google  - Perform an Google search
brede_web_pmid      brede_web_pmid       - Get abstract from PubMed identifier
brede_web_pubmed    brede_web_pubmed     - Search Pubmed 
brede_web_spmmail   brede_web_spmmail    - Download SPM email
brede_web_url       brede_web_url        - Download a webpage
brede_web_web2html  brede_web_web2html   - Convert 'web' structure to HTML
brede_web_web2mat   brede_web_web2mat    - Convert 'web' structure to 'mat'
brede_web_web2urls  brede_web_web2urls   - Extract outgoing links as URLs. 
brede_web_web2web   brede_web_web2web    - Convert 'web' structure
brede_web_wikipedia brede_web_wikipedia  - Download a Wikipedia page
brede_write         brede_write          - File writing functions
brede_write_air     brede_write_air       - Write Roger Woods AIR file
brede_write_analyze brede_write_analyze   - Writes an ANALYZE file
brede_write_csv     brede_write_csv      - Write comma-separated values file
brede_write_dot     brede_write_dot      - Write GraphViz dot file
brede_write_json    brede_write_json     - Write JSON file
brede_write_loc     brede_write_loc      - Write a 'loc' structure to a file
brede_write_loc2csv brede_write_loc2csv  - Write 'loc' to comma separated values file
brede_write_mat2csv brede_write_mat2csv  - Write comma-separated values file
brede_write_mricro_roibrede_write_mricro_roi - Write a MRIcro 'roi' file
brede_write_nuages  brede_write_nuages   - Write Nuages cnt file
brede_write_off     brede_write_off      - Write a GeomView OFF (OOGL) file 
brede_write_png     brede_write_png      - Write a PNG file
brede_write_pov     brede_write_pov  - Write POV file
brede_write_strings brede_write_strings  - Write strings to text file
brede_write_vol2xml brede_write_vol2xml  - Write 'vol' structure as XML
brede_write_xml     brede_write_xml      - Write structure to XML
bredx_re_match      bredx_re_match       - Regular expresion matching with mex file.
bredx_vol_flood     bredx_vol_flood      - MEX header for flooding operation