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lyngby              lyngby               - lyngby start, Calls lyngby_ui_main
lyngby_baf2_global  lyngby_baf2_global   - Global variables for Ardekani nuisance F-test  
lyngby_baf2_init    lyngby_baf2_init      - Initialize globals for Ardekani F-test with nuisance 
lyngby_baf2_main    lyngby_baf2_main     - Ardekani's F-test with nuisance estimation
lyngby_baf2_test    lyngby_baf2_test      - Barbak Ardekani's F-test with nuisance estimation
lyngby_baf_global   lyngby_baf_global    - Global variables for Ardekani F-test 
lyngby_baf_init     lyngby_baf_init      - Initialize globals for Ardekani F-test
lyngby_baf_test     lyngby_baf_test      - Barbak Ardekani's F-test
lyngby_bat_global   lyngby_bat_global    - Global variables for Ardekani t-test
lyngby_bat_init     lyngby_bat_init      - Initialize globals for Ardekani t-test
lyngby_bat_test     lyngby_bat_test      - t-test using the Ardekani t-method
lyngby_batch_baf2   lyngby_batch_fg    - Batch for Ardekani's F-test with nuisance
lyngby_batch_bmr    lyngby_batch_bmr    - Batch for Binomial mixture ROC curve
lyngby_batch_cc     lyngby_batch_cc    - Batch for cross-correlation
lyngby_batch_cons   lyngby_batch_cons    - Batch for consensus modeling
lyngby_batch_fg     lyngby_batch_fg    - Batch for Fisher's G harmonic analysis
lyngby_batch_fir    lyngby_batch_fir    - Batch for singular value decomposition
lyngby_batch_ica    lyngby_batch_ica    - Batch for independent components analysis
lyngby_batch_prep   lyngby_batch_prep    - Batch preprocessing
lyngby_cc_global    lyngby_cc_global     - Global variables for cross-correlation
lyngby_cdf_beta     lyngby_cdf_beta      - Beta cumulative probability function
lyngby_cdf_bin      lyngby_cdf_bin       - Binomial distribution function
lyngby_cdf_chi2     lyngby_cdf_chi2      - X^2 cumulated distribution function
lyngby_cdf_f        lyngby_cdf_f         - Fisher's F distribution
lyngby_cdf_fishersg lyngby_cdf_fishersg  - Cumulative distribution for Fisher's g
lyngby_cdf_gauss    lyngby_cdf_gauss     - Gaussian (normal) distribution function
lyngby_cdf_t        lyngby_cdf_t         - Student t distribution
lyngby_cdf_wilrank  lyngby_cdf_wilrank   - "Wilcoxon sign rank" distribution 
lyngby_circle       lyngby_circle        - Draw a circle
lyngby_classerr     lyngby_classerr      - Classification error
lyngby_cons_global  lyngby_cons_global    - Consensus global variables declaration 
lyngby_cons_init    lyngby_cons_init      - Consensus global variables initialization
lyngby_cons_main    lyngby_cons_main     - Consensus modeling
lyngby_corrlin      lyngby_corrlin       - Lin's concordance correlation coefficient 
lyngby_cumperiodo   lyngby_cumperiodo    - Normalized cumulated periodogram
lyngby_cva          lyngby_cva           - Canonical variate analysis (Canonical Ridge)
lyngby_datatype2bit lyngby_datatype2bit  - Return number of bits for datatype
lyngby_design       lyngby_normalize	- Normalize in vertical direction of a datamatrix
lyngby_design_events2designlyngby_design_events2design - Convert events to design matrix column
lyngby_dropedge     lyngby_dropedge      - Drop scans at the paradigm shifts
lyngby_efir_global  lyngby_efir_global	- Global variables for Exhaustive FIR analysis method
lyngby_efir_init    lyngby_efir_init     - Initialize global variables for EFIR analysis
lyngby_efir_main    lyngby_efir_main     - Main exhautive FIR function
lyngby_filefind     lyngby_filefind  - Find the position of a string in a file
lyngby_filter       lyngby_filter		- function for averaging volumes
lyngby_fir_convolve lyngby_fir_convolve  - Convolve the FIR kernel with the input
lyngby_fir_error    lyngby_fir_error     - FIR residual signal (Quadratic error)
lyngby_fir_global   lyngby_fir_global    - Global variables for FIR analysis method
lyngby_fir_init     lyngby_fir_init      - Initialize global variables for FIR analysis
lyngby_fir_main     lyngby_fir_main      - Regularized FIR filter, main function 
lyngby_fir_masscent lyngby_masscenter	- Returns the masscenter of the FIR kernel
lyngby_fir_paradigm2designlyngby_fir_paradigm2design - Paradigm vector to design matrix
lyngby_fir_plot     lyngby_fir_plot	- Plot paradigm, data and FIR model 
lyngby_fir_regmatrixlyngby_fir_regmatrix - Construct regularization matrix
lyngby_fir_test_chi2lyngby_fir_test_chi2 - Chi square test for FIR filter
lyngby_full2mask    lyngby_full2mask     - Convert indices from Full volume to ROI volume
lyngby_getdata      lyngby_getdata       - Returns the masked datamatrix
lyngby_getinfo      lyngby_getinfo       - Get volume info from a file
lyngby_getslice     lyngby_getslice	- Extracts a slice from a volume
lyngby_getvolume    lyngby_getvolume     - Get a volume from a file
lyngby_global       lyngby_global        - File defining global variables
lyngby_gmm_error    lyngby_gmm_error     - Gaussian mixture model, error
lyngby_gmm_fit      lyngby_gmm_fit       - Gaussian mixture model, fitting 
lyngby_gmm_plot     lyngby_gmm_plot      - Plot gaussian mixture model 
lyngby_histeq       lyngby_histeq	       - Perform histogram equalization
lyngby_ica_bs_est   lyngby_ica_bs_est     - Bell & Sejnowski ICA estimation
lyngby_ica_global   lyngby_ica_global    - Global variables for ICA analysis 
lyngby_ica_init     lyngby_ica_init      - Initialize global variables for ICA analysis
lyngby_ica_ms_est   lyngby_ica_ms_est    - Molgedey-Schuster ICA
lyngby_ica_nbs_est  lyngby_ica_nbs_est    - Non-symmetric Bell & Sejnowski ICA
lyngby_idf_beta     lyngby_idf_beta      - Inverse beta culumative probability function 
lyngby_idf_chi2     lyngby_idf_chi2      - Invers X^2 distribution function
lyngby_idf_f        lyngby_idf_f         - Inverse cumulative F distribution.
lyngby_idf_gauss    lyngby_idf_gauss     - Inverse cumulated Gaussian distribution
lyngby_idf_t        lyngby_idf_t         - Inverted Student t distribution
lyngby_ikm_bic      lyngby_ikm_bic        - Bayesian information criterion for K-means
lyngby_ikm_global   lyngby_ikm_global    - Iterative K-means, Global variables 
lyngby_ikm_init     lyngby_ikm_init      - Iterative K-means, Global variables init.
lyngby_ikm_main     lyngby_ikm_main      - Iterative K-means clustering  
lyngby_ikm_plot_w   lyngby_ikm_plot_w    - Plot Within variance for iterative K-means
lyngby_image        lyngby_image         - Plot a slice
lyngby_img_regclean lyngby_img_regclean  - cleaning of image
lyngby_img_regident lyngby_img_regindent - Region identification
lyngby_index2tmask  lyngby_index2tmask   - Return time mask from indices
lyngby_index2vmask  lyngby_index2vmask   - Return voxel from indices
lyngby_init         lyngby_init          - Initialize the global variables
lyngby_invlogistic  lyngby_invlogistic   - Inverse logistic function
lyngby_km_bic       lyngby_km_bic        - Bayesian information criterion for K-means
lyngby_km_centersim lyngby_km_centersim  - K-means center similarity
lyngby_km_error     lyngby_km_error      - K-means, error 
lyngby_km_global    lyngby_km_global     - K-means, Global variables declarations
lyngby_km_init      lyngby_km_init       - K-means, Global variables initialization
lyngby_km_loglikelihoodlyngby_km_loglikelihood - Log likelihood of K-means model
lyngby_km_main      lyngby_km_main       - Main function for K-means clustering 
lyngby_km_plot_dist lyngby_km_plot_dist  - Plot summary of cluster center similarity
lyngby_km_plot_scat lyngby_km_plot_scat  - K-means scattergram of cluster centers
lyngby_km_within    lyngby_km_within     - K-means within-variance (within intertia)
lyngby_kronadd      lyngby_kronadd		- Kronecker add
lyngby_ks_global    lyngby_ks_global	- Global variables for KS analysis method
lyngby_ks_init      lyngby_ks_init       - Initialize globals for KS-test analysis
lyngby_ks_main      lyngby_ks_main       - Kolmogorov Smirnov test
lyngby_ks_prob      lyngby_ks_prob       - Kolmogorov-Smirnov probability
lyngby_ks_test      lyngby_ks_test       - Kolmogorov-Smirnov test of two arrays.
lyngby_log          lyngby_log           - Log
lyngby_lz_error     lyngby_lz_error      - Lange-Zeger residual signal (Quadratic error)
lyngby_lz_lambda    lyngby_lz_lambda	- The Lange-Zeger hemodynamic response function
lyngby_lz_masscent  lyngby_lz_masscenter - Returns the masscenter of the Lange Zeger Kernel 
lyngby_lz_plot      lyngby_lz_plot		- Plot Paradigm, data and Lange-Zeger model
lyngby_lz_plottheta lyngby_lz_plottheta	- Plot Lange-Zeger theta1 against theta2 
lyngby_lzgs_global  lyngby_lzgs_global   - Global variables for LZ Grid Search analysis
lyngby_lzgs_init    lyngby_lzgs_init     - Initialize global variables for LZGS
lyngby_lzgs_main    lyngby_lzgs_main     - Lange-Zeger model with grid search
lyngby_lzgs_search  lyngby_lzgs_search   - Lange Zeger main algorithm for grid search
lyngby_lzit_algo    lyngby_lzit_algo     - Lange-Zeger, optimization of model
lyngby_lzit_beta    lyngby_lzit_beta     - Lange-Zeger, Estimate beta parameter
lyngby_lzit_conv    lyngby_lzit_conv     - Lange-Zeger, Convolve kernel with the input
lyngby_lzit_cost    lyngby_lzit_cost     - The cost function used in the Lange-Zeger model
lyngby_lzit_ftlamb  lyngby_lzit_ftlamb   - Lange-Zeger, Fourier transformed of lambda
lyngby_lzit_global  lyngby_lzit_global   - Global variables for iterative LZ
lyngby_lzit_init    lyngby_lzit_init     - Initialize global variables for iterative LZ 
lyngby_lzit_main    lyngby_lzit_main     - Main function for Lange-Zeger estimation
lyngby_lzit_noise   lyngby_lzit_noise    - Noise estimate in the Lange-Zeger model
lyngby_lzit_pickf   lyngby_lzit_pickf	- Pick frequencies out from the data matrix
lyngby_lzit_thopt   lyngby_lzit_thopt    - Lange-Zeger, Optimize theta parameters
lyngby_mask2full    lyngby_mask2full     - Convert indices from ROI to Full volume
lyngby_meangeo      lyngby_meangeo       - Geometric mean
lyngby_meanhl       lyngby_meanhl        - Hodges-Lehmann estimator
lyngby_mkm_global   lyngby_mkm_global    - Meta K-means, Global variables declaration 
lyngby_mkm_init     lyngby_mkm_init      - Meta K-means, Global variables initialization
lyngby_mod          lyngby_mod		- Modulus function
lyngby_msvd_main    lyngby_msvd_main  - Perform meta svd comparison of selected models.
lyngby_nn_ccdc      lyngby_nn_ccdc       - NN-classifier cost function and derivative
lyngby_nn_cddevds   lyngby_nn_cddevds    - 2nd order, entropic, input, diag. sym.
lyngby_nn_cddewda   lyngby_nn_cddewda    - Classifier neural network, output, diag 2nd
lyngby_nn_cddewds   lyngby_nn_cddewds    - Classifier neural network, output, diag 2nd
lyngby_nn_cddru     lyngby_nn_cddru      - 2nd order der. of regularization for weights
lyngby_nn_cdev      lyngby_nn_cdev       - Classifier neural network, input 1st der.
lyngby_nn_cdew      lyngby_nn_cdew       - Classifier neural network, output 1st der.
lyngby_nn_cdru      lyngby_nn_cdru       - Neural network, regularization, 1st der.
lyngby_nn_cerror    lyngby_nn_cerror     - Classifier neural network error
lyngby_nn_cforward  lyngby_nn_cforward   - Classifier neural network forward 
lyngby_nn_cmain     lyngby_nn_cmain      - Main functions for classifier neural network
lyngby_nn_cost      lyngby_nn_cost       - Cost function = error + regularization
lyngby_nn_cpruneobd lyngby_nn_cpruneobd  - Classifier neural network, OBD pruning
lyngby_nn_csoftline lyngby_nn_csoftline  - Classifier neural network soft linesearch
lyngby_nn_csoftmax  lyngby_nn_csoftmax   - Softmax for neural network classifier
lyngby_nn_ctrain    lyngby_nn_ctrain     - Classifier neural network training 
lyngby_nn_eddevds   lyngby_nn_eddevds    - 2nd order, entropic, input, diag. sym.
lyngby_nn_eddewd    lyngby_nn_eddewd     - Entropic neural network, output, diag 2nd
lyngby_nn_eddru     lyngby_nn_eddru      - 2nd order der. of regularization for weights
lyngby_nn_edev      lyngby_nn_edev       - Entropic neural network, input 1st der.
lyngby_nn_edew      lyngby_nn_edew       - Entropic neural network, output, 1st der.
lyngby_nn_edru      lyngby_nn_edru       - First order derivative, Regularization
lyngby_nn_eehl      lyngby_nn_eehl       - Neural network entropic error (Hodge-Lehmann)
lyngby_nn_eemedian  lyngby_nn_eemedian   - Neural network entropic error (median)
lyngby_nn_eerror    lyngby_nn_eerror     - Calculate (cross-)entropic error
lyngby_nn_eforward  lyngby_nn_eforward   - Entropic neural network, feed-forward
lyngby_nn_emain     lyngby_nn_emain      - Main function for Entropic Neural network 
lyngby_nn_epruneobd lyngby_nn_epruneobd  - Pruning by Optimal Brain Damage (entropic)
lyngby_nn_esoftline lyngby_nn_esoftline  - Soft linesearch with the entropic cost function
lyngby_nn_etarget   lyngby_nn_etarget    - Normalize target for entropic neural network
lyngby_nn_etrain    lyngby_nn_etrain     - Entropic neural network, training 
lyngby_nn_initvw    lyngby_nn_initvw     - Initialize weights in neural network
lyngby_nn_plotnet   lyngby_nn_plotnet    - Neural network, plot the network weights
lyngby_nn_pruneobd  lyngby_nn_pruneobd   - Pruning by Optimal Brain Damage
lyngby_nn_qddeus    lyngby_nn_qddeus     - 2nd der., quad., all weights, gauss approx.
lyngby_nn_qddevds   lyngby_nn_qddevds    - 2nd der., quadratic, input, diag gauss.
lyngby_nn_qddevs    lyngby_nn_qddevs     - 2nd der., quadratic, input, gauss approx.
lyngby_nn_qddewds   lyngby_nn_qddewds    - 2nd order der, quadratic, output, diag gauss
lyngby_nn_qddews    lyngby_nn_qddews     - 2nd. order der., quadratic, output, gauss approx.
lyngby_nn_qddru     lyngby_nn_qddru      - 2nd order der. of regularization for weights
lyngby_nn_qdev      lyngby_nn_qdev       - Quadratic neural network, input, 1st der.
lyngby_nn_qdew      lyngby_nn_qdew       - First order derivative, quadratic, Output weights
lyngby_nn_qdru      lyngby_nn_qdru       - Quadratic neural network, 1st der. reg.
lyngby_nn_qerror    lyngby_nn_qerror     - Quadratic error
lyngby_nn_qforward  lyngby_nn_qforward   - Neural network forward with linear output function
lyngby_nn_qmain     lyngby_nn_qmain      - Main function for quadratic neural network
lyngby_nn_qpruneobd lyngby_nn_qpruneobd  - Pruning by Optimal Brain Damage (quadratic)
lyngby_nn_qsoftline lyngby_nn_esoftline  - Soft linesearch with the quadratic costfunction
lyngby_nn_qtrain    lyngby_nn_qtrain     - Quadratic neural network, training 
lyngby_nn_reg2reg   lyngby_nn_reg2reg    - Standardize regularization
lyngby_nn_setsplit  lyngby_nn_setsplit   - Split the data into training and validation set
lyngby_nn_tanh      lyngby_nn_tanh       - Faster hyperbolic tangent
lyngby_nn_u2vw      lyngby_nn_u2vw       - Vectorize neural network weights
lyngby_nn_vw2u      lyngby_nn_vw2u       - Vectorize neural network weights
lyngby_nnr_global   lyngby_nnr_global	- Global variables for NNR analysis method
lyngby_nnr_init     lyngby_nnr_init      - Initialize global variables for NNR analysis
lyngby_nnr_main     lyngby_nnr_main      - Main function for Neural network Regression
lyngby_nns_esalmap  lyngby_nns_esalmap	- Saliency map with entropic cost function
lyngby_nns_global   lyngby_nns_global    - Global variables for NNS analysis
lyngby_nns_init     lyngby_nns_init      - Initialize global variables for NNS analysis
lyngby_nns_main     lyngby_nns_main      - Main function for Neural network saliency
lyngby_normalize    lyngby_normalize     - Normalize (Preprocess) a datamatrix
lyngby_numscans     lyngby_numscans	- Returns the masked number of scans volume
lyngby_opls         lyngby_opls          - Orthonormalized PLS
lyngby_opt_cg       lyngby_opt_cg        - Rasmussen/Goutte's conjugate gradient minimization
lyngby_opt_gradient lyngby_opt_gradient   - Optimization with Gradient minimization
lyngby_paradigm     lyngby_paradigm      - Returns the paradigm
lyngby_pca_eqtest   lyngby_pca_eqtest    - PCA test for equal eigenvalues
lyngby_pca_main     lyngby_pca_main	- Main PCA analysis 
lyngby_pcafilter    lyngby_pcafilter	- Reduce the dimension or filter a matrix with PCA filtering
lyngby_pde_binmix   lyngby_pde_binmix     - Estimation of binomial mixture model
lyngby_pde_binmix_derlyngby_pde_binmix_der - Derivative of the binomial mixture
lyngby_pde_binmix_lllyngby_pde_binmix_ll  - Loglikelihood of mixture of binomials
lyngby_pdf_beta     lyngby_pdf_beta      - Beta probability density function
lyngby_pdf_bin      lyngby_pdf_bin       - Binomial probability density function
lyngby_pdf_f        lyngby_pdf_f         - F probability density function
lyngby_pdf_gamma    lyngby_pdf_gamma     - Gamma distribution density
lyngby_pdf_gauss    lyngby_pdf_gauss   - Gaussian (normal) density function
lyngby_pdf_poisson  lyngby_pdf_poisson   - Poisson probability density function
lyngby_plot_boxplot lyngby_plot_boxplot  - Box plot
lyngby_plotfilter   lyngby_plotfilter	- Plot FIR response
lyngby_plotmatch    lyngby_plotmatch	- Plot paradigm, data and model
lyngby_pois_error   lyngby_pois_error    - Poisson residual signal (Quadratic error)
lyngby_pois_forward lyngby_pois_forward  - Possion kernel forward (prediction)
lyngby_pois_forwn   lyngby_pois_forwn    - Possion kernel forward (prediction)
lyngby_pois_global  lyngby_pois_global   - Poisson filter, Global variables
lyngby_pois_init    lyngby_pois_init     - Poisson filter, Initialize global variables 
lyngby_pois_main    lyngby_pois_main     - Main function for Possion filter
lyngby_pois_toptim  lyngby_pois_toptim   - Possion kernel optimization
lyngby_prep_detrend lyngby_prep_detrend  - Detrending
lyngby_prep_global  lyngby_prep_global   - Global variables for preprocessing
lyngby_prep_init    lyngby_prep_init     - Initialize global variables for preprocessing
lyngby_read_ana4d   lyngby_read_ana4d    - Reads a 4D dimensional ANALYZE file
lyngby_read_analyze lyngby_read_analyze  - Reads an ANALYZE file
lyngby_read_header  lyngby_read_header   - Reads header information of a volume file
lyngby_read_sdt     lyngby_read_sdt      - Read a Stimulate SDT/SPR file
lyngby_read_vapet   lyngby_read_vapet    - Read a 3D VAPET file 
lyngby_read_vapet4d lyngby_read_vapet4d  - Read a 4D VAPET file 
lyngby_read_volume  lyngby_read_volume   - Reads a volume from a recognized file
lyngby_read_volumes lyngby_read_volumes   - Reads volumes from files
lyngby_readanahdr   lyngby_readanahdr    - Reads an ANALYZE header
lyngby_readanavol   lyngby_readanavol    - Reads an ANALYZE img file
lyngby_readvahdr4   lyngby_readvahdr4	- Reads the header information in a 4 dimensional VAPET file 
lyngby_readvapethdr lyngby_readvapethdr	- Reads the header information in a VAPET file 
lyngby_readvapetvol lyngby_readvapetvol	- Reads a VAPET volume from a file
lyngby_readvavol4   lyngby_readvavol4	- Reads a 4 dimensional VAPET structure from a file
lyngby_readxpihdr   lyngby_readxpihdr   - Read header from EC flexible format
lyngby_readxpivol   lyngby_readxpivol    - Read data from EC flexible (Xprime) format
lyngby_roi          lyngby_roi           - Returns the begin and end index of the volume
lyngby_roi2vmask    lyngby_roi2vmask     - Transform ROI definition to masking matrix
lyngby_run          lyngby_run	       - Returns the run specification
lyngby_runinfo      lyngby_runinfo       - Number of runs and scans within runs
lyngby_scva_global  lyngby_scva_global   - Global variables for SCVA analysis 
lyngby_scva_init    lyngby_scva_init     - Initialize global variables for SCVA analysis
lyngby_scva_main    lyngby_scva_main     - Strother Canonical variate analysis
lyngby_sdesign      lyngby_sdesign       - Strother design matrix
lyngby_set_and      lyngby_set_and       - set intersection: S1 /\ S2
lyngby_set_diff     lyngby_set_diff      - set difference: S1 \ S2
lyngby_set_unique   lyngby_set_unique    - Set thining: all elements different
lyngby_sliceindex   lyngby_sliceindex	- Returns indices for a specified slice
lyngby_sop_global   lyngby_sop_global    - Global variables for SOP analysis 
lyngby_sop_init     lyngby_sop_init      - Initialize global variables for SOP analysis
lyngby_sop_main     lyngby_sop_main      - Strother OPLS
lyngby_sopressvd    lyngby_sopressvd     - SOP with SVD on the residual
lyngby_splitonoff   lyngby_splitonnoff   - Function to find the indices of the on/off scans.
lyngby_spm_xyz2ind  lyngby_spm_xyz2ind   - Convert SPM XYZ structure to voxel indices
lyngby_svd          lyngby_svd           - Singular value decomposition
lyngby_svd_global   lyngby_svd_global    - Global variables for SVD analysis 
lyngby_svd_init     lyngby_svd_init      - Initialize global variables for SVD analysis
lyngby_svdfilter    lyngby_svdfilter     - Filtering by SVD
lyngby_swaporder    lyngby_swaporder	- Swap the xyz order in a volume 
lyngby_talaimg      lyngby_talaimg		- Returns Talairach brain plot in the style of SPM
lyngby_test_fishersglyngby_test_fishersg - Test with Fisher's g
lyngby_test_wilrank lyngby_test_wilrank  - Wilcoxon sign rank test
lyngby_tmask2index  lyngby_tmask2index	- Return time mask from indices
lyngby_ts_ftest     lyngby_ts_ftest	- F-test for two samples.
lyngby_ts_global    lyngby_ts_global	- Global variables for TS analysis method
lyngby_ts_init      lyngby_ts_init		- Initialize globals for t-test analysis method
lyngby_ts_main      lyngby_ts_main       - Whole volume Student's t-test for equal variances.
lyngby_ts_pttest    lyngby_ts_pttest	- Student's paired t-test.
lyngby_ts_ttest     lyngby_ts_ttest      - Two sample Student t test, equal variances.
lyngby_ts_uttest    lyngby_ts_uttest	- Student's t-test for unequal variances.
lyngby_ui_baf2_init lyngby_ui_baf2_init  - Ardekani's nuisance F-test, init. of param.
lyngby_ui_baf_init  lyngby_ui_baf_init   - Ardekani's F-test, GUI for init. of param.
lyngby_ui_bat_init  lyngby_ui_bat_init   - Initialization for Ardekani's t-test
lyngby_ui_cc_init   lyngby_ui_cc_init    - User interface for init. of cross-correlation
lyngby_ui_cc_view   lyngby_ui_cc_view	- User interface for viewing Cross-correlation results
lyngby_ui_cons_init lyngby_ui_cons_init   - Initialization for Consensus modeling
lyngby_ui_credit    lyngby_ui_credit	- Display a credit
lyngby_ui_efir_init lyngby_ui_efir_init  - UI for initialization of EFIR model
lyngby_ui_externals lyngby_ui_externals  - Window for editing/creating external
lyngby_ui_fir_init  lyngby_ui_fir_init   - User interface for FIR filter analysis
lyngby_ui_global    lyngby_ui_global     - Defines global for the user interface
lyngby_ui_ica_init  lyngby_ui_ica_init   - GUI for initialization of ICA model
lyngby_ui_ikm_init  lyngby_ui_ikm_init   - GUI for Iterative K-means initialization
lyngby_ui_km_init   lyngby_ui_km_init    - GUI for K-means parameter initialization
lyngby_ui_ks_init   lyngby_ui_ks_init    - KS, GUI for initialization of parameters
lyngby_ui_loadfile  lyngby_ui_loadfile - Opens a window for specifying file parameters
lyngby_ui_lz_init   lyngby_ui_lz_init    - Lange-Zeger GUI init of parameters
lyngby_ui_main      lyngby_ui_main       - Main function for the GUI for lyngby
lyngby_ui_lzgs_init lyngby_ui_lzgs_init  - Lange-Zeger GUI init of parameters
lyngby_ui_lzit_init lyngby_ui_lzit_init  - GUI for iterative Lange-Zeger initialization
lyngby_ui_message   lyngby_ui_message	- Display a message
lyngby_ui_mkm_init  lyngby_ui_mkm_init   - GUI for Meta K-means initialization
lyngby_ui_movie     lyngby_ui_movie   - User interface for movie
lyngby_ui_nnr_init  lyngby_ui_nnr_init   - User interface for NNR method
lyngby_ui_nns_init  lyngby_ui_nns_init   - GUI for Neural network saliency
lyngby_ui_option    lyngby_ui_option     - Option/setup for user interface
lyngby_ui_para_draw lyngby_ui_para_draw  - User interface for paradigm viewing (and specification)
lyngby_ui_paradigm  lyngby_ui_paradigm	- User interface for paradigm viewing and editing 
lyngby_ui_pois_init lyngby_ui_pois_init  - GUI, Poisson filter, initialization
lyngby_ui_preproc   lyngby_ui_preproc    - UI for setting up preprocessing parameters
lyngby_ui_preproc_detrendlyngby_ui_preproc_detrend  - UI for setting up preprocessing parameters
lyngby_ui_preproc_dtplotlyngby_ui_preproc_dtplot       - User interface for time mask specification
lyngby_ui_preproc_dummylyngby_ui_preproc_dummy    - UI for setting up preprocessing parameters
lyngby_ui_preproc_normalizelyngby_ui_preproc_normalize    - UI for setting up preprocessing parameters
lyngby_ui_resinfo   lyngby_ui_resinfo    - Defines global for the user interface
lyngby_ui_run       lyngby_ui_run        - User interface for run viewing/specification 
lyngby_ui_run_no    lyngby_ui_run_no       - User interface for run specification
lyngby_ui_saveresultlyngby_ui_saveresult	- Opens a window for specifying file parameters. 
lyngby_ui_scva_init lyngby_ui_scva_init  - GUI for init of Strother CVA
lyngby_ui_sop_init  lyngby_ui_sop_init   - GUI of init. of SOP model
lyngby_ui_svd_init  lyngby_ui_svd_init   - GUI for initialization of SVD model
lyngby_ui_time      lyngby_ui_time       - User interface for time mask specification
lyngby_ui_time_be   lyngby_ui_time_be       - User interface for time mask specification
lyngby_ui_ts_init   lyngby_ui_ts_init    - Initialization of t-test
lyngby_ui_view      lyngby_ui_view       - User interface for viewing results
lyngby_ui_view_baf  lyngby_ui_view_baf   - Viewing Ardekani F-test results
lyngby_ui_view_baf2 lyngby_ui_view_baf2  - Viewing function for Ardekani's nuisance F
lyngby_ui_view_bat  lyngby_ui_view_bat   - Viewing Ardekani t-test results
lyngby_ui_view_cc   lyngby_ui_view_cc    - Viewing Cross-correlation results
lyngby_ui_view_cons lyngby_ui_view_cons   - Consensus viewing function
lyngby_ui_view_detrendlyngby_ui_view_dfl   - Detrended data viewing function
lyngby_ui_view_dfl  lyngby_ui_view_dfl   - Default viewing function
lyngby_ui_view_efir lyngby_ui_view_efir  - Viewing Exhaustive FIR filter results
lyngby_ui_view_fir  lyngby_ui_view_fir   - Viewing FIR filter results
lyngby_ui_view_ica  lyngby_ui_view_ica   - ICA viewing function
lyngby_ui_view_ikm  lyngby_ui_view_ikm   - Viewing Iterative K-means filter results 
lyngby_ui_view_km   lyngby_ui_view_km    - Viewing K-means filter results
lyngby_ui_view_ks   lyngby_ui_view_ks    - Kolmogorov-Smirnov viewing function
lyngby_ui_view_lzgs lyngby_ui_view_lzgs  - Viewing Lange Zeger grid search results
lyngby_ui_view_lzit lyngby_ui_view_lzit  - Viewing Lange Zeger results
lyngby_ui_view_mkm  lyngby_ui_view_mkm   - Viewing of meta K-means results
lyngby_ui_view_nnr  lyngby_ui_view_nnr   - Viewing NNR filter results
lyngby_ui_view_nns  lyngby_ui_view_nns   - Viewing of NNS results
lyngby_ui_view_pois lyngby_ui_view_pois  - Viewing poisson filter results
lyngby_ui_view_scva lyngby_ui_view_scva  - Viewing function for Strother CVA
lyngby_ui_view_sop  lyngby_ui_view_sop   - Viewing for Strother OPLS
lyngby_ui_view_svd  lyngby_ui_view_svd   - Viewing for Strother OPLS
lyngby_ui_view_ts   lyngby_ui_view_ts    - t-test viewing function
lyngby_ui_viewvol   lyngby_ui_viewvol    - View full volume timeserie and specify ROI and voxelmask 
lyngby_ui_volume    lyngby_ui_volume     - View full volume timeserie and specify mask
lyngby_ui_voxelmask lyngby_ui_voxelmask	- User interface for voxelmask editing 
lyngby_uis_baf      lyngby_uis_baf       - Script executed for Ardekani's F-test
lyngby_uis_baf2     lyngby_uis_baf2      - Script executed for Ardekani's nuisance F
lyngby_uis_baf2_v   lyngby_uis_baf2_v    - Script for Arkani's F-test with nuisance view 
lyngby_uis_baf_v    lyngby_uis_baf_v     - Script for Ardekani F-test view
lyngby_uis_bat      lyngby_uis_bat       - Script executed for Ardekani's t-test
lyngby_uis_bat_v    lyngby_uis_bat_v     - Script for Ardekani't t-test view
lyngby_uis_cc       lyngby_uis_cc        - Script executed for cross-correlation anal.  
lyngby_uis_cc_v     lyngby_uis_cc_v      - Script for cross-correlation view
lyngby_uis_cons     lyngby_uis_cons       - Script executed for consensus 
lyngby_uis_cons_v   lyngby_uis_cons_v     - Script for Consensus viewing
lyngby_uis_efir     lyngby_uis_efir      - Script executed at the EFIR analysis
lyngby_uis_efir_v   lyngby_uis_efir_v    - Script for 'exhaustive FIR' viewing
lyngby_uis_fir      lyngby_uis_fir       - Script executed at the FIR analysis
lyngby_uis_fir_v    lyngby_uis_fir_v     - Script for FIR view
lyngby_uis_ica      lyngby_uis_ica       - Script executed for ICA 
lyngby_uis_ica_v    lyngby_uis_ica_v      - Script for ICA view
lyngby_uis_ikm      lyngby_uis_ikm       - Script executed for iterative K-means 
lyngby_uis_ikm_v    lyngby_uis_ikm_v     - Script for Iterative K-means view
lyngby_uis_km       lyngby_uis_km        - Script executed for K-means analysis
lyngby_uis_km_v     lyngby_uis_km_v      - Script for K-means view
lyngby_uis_ks       lyngby_uis_ks        - Script executed for Kolmogorov-Smirnoff
lyngby_uis_ks_v     lyngby_uis_ks_v      - Script for Kolmogorov-Smirnov view
lyngby_uis_lzgs     lyngby_uis_lzgs      - Script executed for Lange-Zeger Grid Search
lyngby_uis_lzgs_v   lyngby_uis_lzgs_v    - Script for Lange-Zeger gridsearch view
lyngby_uis_lzit     lyngby_uis_lzit      - Script executed for Lange-Zeger, Iterative
lyngby_uis_lzit_v   lyngby_uis_lzit_v    - Script for Lange-Zeger 'iterative' view
lyngby_uis_mkm      lyngby_uis_mkm       - Script executed for Meta K-means analysis
lyngby_uis_mkm_v    lyngby_uis_mkm_v     - Script for Meta K-means viewing
lyngby_uis_nnr      lyngby_uis_nnr       - Script executed for Neural network regression
lyngby_uis_nnr_v    lyngby_uis_nnr_v     - Script for neural network regression view
lyngby_uis_nns      lyngby_uis_nns       - Script executed for Neural network saliency 
lyngby_uis_nns_v    lyngby_uis_nns_v     - Script for neural network saliency view
lyngby_uis_none_v   lyngby_uis_none_v    - Script for 'original' view
lyngby_uis_pois     lyngby_uis_pois      - Script executed for Poisson filter analysis 
lyngby_uis_pois_v   lyngby_uis_pois_v    - Script for Poisson filter view
lyngby_uis_pp_detrend_vlyngby_uis_pp_detrend_v    - Script for viewing of detrended data
lyngby_uis_scva     lyngby_uis_scva      - Script executed for SCVA analysis
lyngby_uis_scva_v   lyngby_uis_scva_v    - Script for SCVA view
lyngby_uis_sop      lyngby_uis_sop       - Script executed for SOP analysis
lyngby_uis_sop_v    lyngby_uis_sop_v     - Script for SOP view
lyngby_uis_svd      lyngby_uis_svd       - Script executed for SVD analysis
lyngby_uis_svd_v    lyngby_uis_svd_v     - Script for SVD view
lyngby_uis_ts       lyngby_uis_ts        - Script executed for t-test analysis
lyngby_uis_ts_v     lyngby_uis_ts_v      - Script for t-test view
lyngby_vmask2index  lyngby_vmask2index   - Return Indices from voxel mask 
lyngby_write_ana    lyngby_write_ana     - Write a volume to ANALYZE files
lyngby_write_sdt    lyngby_write_sdt     - Write a volume/datamatrix to SDT/SPR file
lyngby_write_vapet  lyngby_write_vapet   - Write a volume to VAPET file 
lyngby_write_volumeslyngby_write_volumes - Write volumes to file
lyngby_xcorr        lyngby_xcorr         - Cross correlation/covariance