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Downloading the Toolbox

  1. Requirements:

  2. Download the toolbox from download page.

  3. Installation instructions are available online, as well as in the manual. In addition, there is a Getting Started Guide and Example Analysis to help you learn to use Lyngby as quickly as possible. (Both are also included in the manual)

  4. We have a sample dataset, used for the Example Analysis, which is small enough to allow you to try out all the algorithms quickly and give you a feel for the different models before using your own data.

  5. There is a Lyngby mailing-list too, where updates, general help, bug-fixes etc are announced and you can ask questions.

  6. As the Toolbox contains over 300 files, and we are constantly developing it further, we employ the CVS revision system to keep track. CVS for Lyngby,

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