What is Lyngby?

Lyngby is a Matlab Toolbox for the analysis of functional neuroimages, such a fMRI. It was developed at the Technical University of Denmark by Finn Årup Nielsen, Peter Toft, Matthew Liptrot, Cyrill Goutte and Lars Kai Hansen (see Acknowledgements for more details).

It is primarily intended as a "Modeller's Toolbox" - in other words it allows researchers to directly compare how well both simple and complicated leading edge modelling algorithms fit the time-series data. As such, it includes many models, such as K-Means clustering, FIR Filter, Lange-Zeger, Neural Networks, t-tests etc, etc.

The toolbox is under continuous development, and so we are always looking to add-in new algorithms. See the model page for an up-to-date list of the models currently included.

The toolbox is free for non-commercial use, and comes as a series (over 300) of Matlab *.m source files. This allows you to see how the algorithms are implemented, and also to add your own in so you may directly compare your model with those currently used.

The Toolbox files are wrapped-up in a graphical user interface (GUI) so it is very easy to use.

In addition to the online help, there is also a comprehensive manual, along with Getting Started and Example Analysis guides to enable new users to jump up the learning curve.

Go straight to the download page for more details, and the commercial restrictions.

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