The Lyngby Toolbox has a comprehensive manual covering all installation, usage, and background information on the models.

It is available in several formats:

Furthermore, there is a short instruction on installation.

As a general reference for the toolbox you may use:

  • "lyngby" - a modeler's Matlab toolbox for spatio-temporal analysis of functional neuroimages.
    Lars Kai Hansen and Finn Årup Nielsen and Peter Toft and Matthew George Liptrot and Cyril Goutte and Stephen C. Strother and Nicholas Lange and Anders Gade and David A. Rottenberg and Olaf B. Paulson.
    NeuroImage, 9(6):S241, 1999 June
    [ Gzipped PostScript ]
There are further published papers describing the methods implemented in Lyngby.
  • On Clustering fMRI time series.
    Cyril Goutte, Peter Toft, Egill Rostrup, Finn Årup Nielsen, Lars Kai Hansen.
    NeuroImage, 9(3):298-310, 1999 March.
    [ Submitted in gzipped PostScript | Abstract at publisher | PDF at publisher ]

  • Modelling the heamodynamic response in fMRI with smooth FIR filters
    Cyril Goutte, Finn Årup Nielsen, Lars Kai Hansen.
    IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 19(12):1188+, 2000 December.

  • Consensus Inference in Neuroimaging
    Lars Kai Hansen, Finn Årup Nielsen, Stephen C. Strother, Nicholas Lange.
    NeuroImage, 13(6):1212-1218, 2001 June.
    [ Abstract at publisher | PDF at publisher ]

  • Feature-space clustering for fMRI meta-analysis
    Cyril Goutte, Lars Kai Hansen, Matthew G. Liptrot, Egill Rostrup
    Human Brain Mapping, 13(3):165-183, 2001 July.
    [ Abstract | Gzipped PostScript Fulltext | PubMed ]

  • Plurality and Resemblance in fMRI Data Analysis
    Nicholas Lange, Stephen C. Strother, Jon R. Anderson, Finn Årup Nielsen, Andrew Peter Holmes, Thomas Kolenda, Robert Savoy, Lars Kai Hansen.
    NeuroImage, 10(3):282-303, 1999 September.
    [ At publisher | PubMed ]

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