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MRIWarp is a warping tool for intersubject registration of brain images constructed by Ulrik Kjems. Now he is unfortunately lost to industry but will presumably still answer emails in connection with his toolbox.

The package consists of C-functions that should compile on most (UNIX?) systems. There are also a few utility functions in Matlab, that will help to visualize the warp.

Apart from warping there are also (command line) functions for ANALYZE header information, mirroring, translation, subsampling, ...

The package cannot only be used as a preprocessing step in function neuroimaging but also as a step in deformation-based morphometry, see a reference below.

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Ulrik Kjems; Finn Årup Nielsen,; 2001.

MRIWarp documentation


Installation with version 1.52:
  1. Download, e.g.,
  2. Decompress and unpack
    tar vfxz mriwarp-1.52.tar.gz
  3. Descend into directory
    cd mriwarp-1.52
  4. Compile (and prey!)
  5. Test (with an ANALYZE file from the SPM distribution)
    ./headerinfo ~/matlab/spm99/canonical/single_subj_T1
[ Brain Volume I/O Handling C Library ]

Ulrik Kjems; Finn Årup Nielsen; 2001 July



If you use the toolbox reference it: Use of MRIWarp for deformation-based morphometry has been described in
  • Deformation-Based Morphometry and Its Relation to Conventional Volumetry of Brain Lateral Ventricles in MRI
    Christian Gaser et al.
    NeuroImage. 13(6):1140-1145. 2001 June.
Finn Årup Nielsen, 2001 July, 2006.

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