1. Untar the tarfile.

2. cd to the directory.

3. Run the perl configure.pl script

  perl configure [ -prefix=/path/for/install ] \
         [ -matlabdir=/pth/to/matlabbase ] \
         [ -cxxopts=cxxopts.sh ] 
The optional argument -prefix lets you set the install dir (default is MATLABDIR/toolbox/plab - that probably requires root access).

The matlabdir option is for specifying the matlab base dir in case the configure.pl script does not autodetect it correctly. The cxxopts.sh file is for specifying how to compile c++ programs for matlab mex. This file is supplied with matlab in the MATLABDIR/bin directory. On some systems the supplied file does not work properly, for example redhat Linux. The file cxxopts.sh.redhat included in this package is a proposal for a working setup for redhat. NOTE FOR MATLAB 5 ONLY: Linux users should consult this page at mathworks before proceeding!

3a. User installation:

Use the -prefix argument to point to a local dir. You must configure plab later (plab_defaults.m) to point to this basedir in the pset('nodes', ... ) array if you install in a different directory on other nodes.

Add the directory to your Matlab path.
I.e. put in your .tcshrc file:

setenv MATLABPATH /home/joe/plab-1.06
(if you use tcsh, if you are a bash user you would say export MATLABPATH=/home/joe... If you dont know what shell you use type "ps" and see the top process)

3b. Global installation:

Use the default install dir and su to root before the make install below!

4. Type "make"

5. Type "make test"

6. Type "make install"

7. Edit the installed copy of plab_defaults.m

plab runs this matlab function the first time plab is used in each matlab session. Use this file to set up the way you want slaves to be spawned by calling the pset() function.

Good luck!