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Lyngby software


The Lyngby Toolbox is a Matlab program package for functional neuroimaging analysis. The toolbox contains a number of models: FIR-filter, Lange-Zeger, K-means clustering among others, visualizations and reading of neuroimaging files.

Authors: Finn Årup Nielsen, Peter Toft, Matthew G. Liptrot, Cyril Goutte, Lars Kai Hansen.

Availability: The toolbox is free for non-commercial use.

Finn Årup Nielsen, Matthew G. Liptrot, Lars Kai Hansen, 1997-2002.

Brede software

Brede Toolbox

The Brede Toolbox is a neuroinformatics toolbox primarily written in Matlab and it contains functions for handling bibliographic structures (such as PubMed/MEDLINE structure), volumes, sets of locations (3D Talairach coordinates), with transformation/analysis functions suchs as HTML and VRML generation, statistical analysis, affine transformations, functional volumes modeling with, e.g., independent component analysis, Corner Cube visualizations, ... It also contains the Brede Database distributed as XML, see also the web-pages for the Brede Database that has visualizations of the data.

Availability: This software is free for non-commercial use.

Finn Årup Nielsen, 1999 june - 2003.

MRI warp program


MRIWarp is software for warping of magnetic resonance (MR) brain images: A set of Unix utilities for performing a non-linear registration of PET of fMRI volumes by non-linear alignment of structural MRI images.

Author: Ulrik Kjems

Availability: This software is free for non-commercial use.

Ulrik Kjems; 1999 june.



[ polyr.tar.gz | Documentation ]

A program to make polygons from a volume. Includes filtering, downsampling, isosurfacing, mesh decimation. The isosurfacing is done with the marching cubes algorithm. Has been compiled under Linux, SGI, HP and Sun.

Author: The program was made here in 1995 by Jesper James Jensen.

Availability: C code available.

Finn Årup Nielsen; Peter Toft; 1997 August.

PLAB software


PLAB - short for Parallel Matlab - is a simple interface for parallelizing Matlab computations, either on multiprocessor machines or in an environment of other Unix computers that can be remotely logged on to.

Author: Ulrik Kjems

Ulrik Kjems 2000-2002.

jobd software

The Beowulf Job Manager

The The Beowulf Job Manager is a combined queueing and load balancing tool designed for a clusters of work stations or servers, e.g. a Linux Beowulf "farm" of computers.

Author: Ulrik Kjems

Availability: GPL

Ulrik Kjems 2000-2002.

cvs2html software


cvs2html is a Perl program to give a nice overview in HTML of the information in a CVS (concurrent version system) archieve. Multidirectory repositories and links to source code are supported.

Author: Peter Toft

Availability: Perl code available. A little cvs status program can also be downloaded. cvs2html is included in many Linux distributions.

Finn Årup Nielsen; Peter Toft; 1997.

IDL to Matlab
		(IDL2MAT) software

IDL to Matlab: idl2mat

A package to enable communication from IDL (interactive data language) to Matlab. It consists of a number of IDL functions and a shared library programmed in C. Presently, it only support matrices (2-dimensional structures) with doubles.

Authors: Finn Årup Nielsen and Peter Toft on the initiative of Steven Strother.

Availability: The package is available (IDL and C).

Finn Årup Nielsen, 1997 november.

vr2html software


A C and Java program that should enable an easy link between a VRML world/browser and virtual reality hardware equipment such as head set, magnetic tracker, spaceball and glove.

Author: Finn Årup Nielsen

Availability: The package is in its very early development. Anyone who is interested in the early sparse (messy) implementation should contact Finn.

Finn Årup Nielsen, 1997 november.

2-dimensional Reconstruction software

3-dimensional reconstruction software


Recon2D.tar.gz 2D reconstruction, Version 2.0, 1996-10-08.
Recon3D.tar.gz 3D reconstruction, Version 1.0, 1996-10-08.

C-based packages for 2D and 3D and reconstruction of PET images.

Authors: Made by Peter Toft in connection with his PhD Thesis along with Jesper James Jensen and Peter Philipsen.

Availability: The packages come with full source code. We hold the original rights for the program, but you may freely distribute them FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. The Software is protected by the GNU General Public License.
Peter Toft.

Mediaware Brainware
Mediaware Brainware

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