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Picture of setup

Introduction to vr2vrml

vr2vrml is a collection of programs that enables a VRML world to communicate with virtual reality equipment.

Picture showing some elements of the setup: Finn wearing a headset (Virtual Research VR4 helmet). On the top of the helmet is a magnetic tracker mounted (Polhemus fastrak). To the right of the screen is a Spaceball. The Silicon graphics computer is running the Netscape web browser with the Cosmoplayer Plugin VRML browser, and this is displaying one of our VRML models. The bounded viewpoint in the VRML virtual world is control by the magnetic tracker, so when Finn moves the head the viewpoint follows. In the headset is the little screen area the VRML-browser occupies monoscopically displayed.

Finn Årup Nielsen, 1997 oct, 1998 feb.

vr2vrml Setup

Description of vr2vrml

The program package requires:

- VRML browser with EAI (SGI Cosmoplayer)
- Netscape browser
- Netscape Plugin library
- WorldToolKit R7
- Virtual Reality equipment (Headset, Fastrak)

Finn Årup Nielsen, 1997 oct.

Download of vr2vrml

The package is in its very early development. Anyone who is interested in the early sparse (messy) implementation should contact Finn.
Finn Årup Nielsen, 1998 feb.

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