Automatically parcellating the human cerebral cortex

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Automatically parcellating the human cerebral cortex
Authors: Bruce Fischl, Andre van der Kouwe, Christophe Destrieux, Eric Halgren, Florent Segonne, David H. Salat, Evelina Busa, Larry J. Seidman, Jill Goldstein, David N. Kennedy, Verne S. Caviness, Nikos Makris, Bruce R. Rosen, Anders M. Dale
Citation: Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991) 14 (1): 11-12. 2004 January
Database(s): PubMed (PMID/14654453)
DOI: 10.1093/cercor/bhg087.
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Automatically parcellating the human cerebral cortex describes a method for automated neuroanatomical parcellation of the human brain.

The method worded from two different parcellation schemes:

  1. MGH CMA defining 58 separate labels[1][2]
  2. "an intrincially surface-base (SB) parcellation"[3]

The names and acronym of the parcels are given in the appendix of the paper.

The labels from the MGH CMA overlaps with the cortical labels in the Harvard-Oxford Atlas

[edit] References

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