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Bartłomiej Wilkowski (Bartlomiej Wilkowski)
Affiliation: DTU Informatics
Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging
Location: Denmark
Interest(s): Neuroinformatics
Databases: Google Scholar Scopus
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Bartłomiej Wilkowski was a PhD Student at the DTU Informatics with Lars Kai Hansen as the supervisor and where he works with neuroinformatics and funded through Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging (CIMBI).

He has developed the following tools:

Wilkowski's PhD Thesis from 2011 was titled Semantic approaches for knowledge discovery and retrieval in biomedicine.

[edit] Work

  1. Bridging the gap between coordinate- and keyword-based search of neuroscientific databases by UMLS-assisted semantic keyword extraction
  2. Context-dependent literature search: a support for functional imaging coordinate-based databases
  3. Coordinate-based meta-analytic search for the SPM neuroimaging pipeline: the BredeQuery plugin for SPM5
  4. Discovery browsing with semantic predications and graph theory (2011)
  5. Graph-based methods for discovery browsing with semantic predications (2011)
  6. Knowledge discovery in neuroinformatics (2009)
  7. MIAWARE software. 3D Medical Image Analysis With Automated Reporting Engine and Ontology-based Search
  1. Neuroscientific literature search based on the location coordinates in brain - BredeQuery plugin for SPM environment

[edit] Thesis

  1. Semantic approaches for knowledge discovery and retrieval in biomedicine

[edit] As co-author

  1. A bottom-up approach to MEDLINE indexing recommendations
  2. Clustering cliques for graph-based summarization of the biomedical research literature
  3. MEDLINE MeSH indexing: lessons learned from machine learning and future directions
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