Cynthia M. Whissell

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Cynthia M. Whissell
Affiliation: Laurentian University
Location: Canada
Position: Professor
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Cynthia M. Whissell is a researcher affiliated with the Psychology department of the Laurentian University. She has done research in emotion meaning of language: sentiment analysis.

She is behind Dictionary of Affect in Language.

[edit] Work

  1. Phonoemotional profiling: a description of the emotional flavour of English texts on the basis of the phonemes employed in them
  2. Phonosymbolism and the emotional nature of sounds: evidence of the preferential use of particular phonemes in texts of differing emotional tone
  3. The Dictionary of Affect in Language
  4. The times and the man as predictors of emotion and style in the inaugural addresses of U.S. presidents
  5. "To those who feel rather than to those who think:" sound and emotion in Poe's poetry
  6. Using the Revised Dictionary of Affect in Language to quantify the emotional undertones of samples of natural language

[edit] As co-author

  1. The Dictionary of Affect in Language as a tool for the assessment of affective tone in a descriptive task
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