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Daniela Balslev
Affiliation: University of St Andrews
University of Tübingen
Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance
Prism Lab
Neurobiology Research Unit
Location: United Kingdom
Position: Lecturer
Interest(s): Eye proprioception
Functional magnetic resonance imaging
Transcranial magnetic stimulation
Databases: Brede Database Google Scholar Microsoft Academic Search Neurotree ResearcherGate Scopus
Link(s): http://danielabalslev.dk
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Daniela Balslev is a Lecturer at the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of St Andrews. She has previously been postdoc at University of Tübingen in the group of Hans-Otto Karnath, and at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance and Chris Miall's Prism Lab, University of Birmingham. Her PhD thesis from University of Copenhagen 2005 was titled Proprioception — an obstacle for motor control in conditions with a visuoproprioceptive conflict, and the thesis advisors were Ian Law and Olaf B. Paulson.

She has used positron emission tomography, functional magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation and eye tracking in her neuroscience research.

[edit] Works

  1. Abnormal center-periphery gradient in spatial attention in simultanagnosia
  2. Cluster analysis of activity-time series in motor learning
  3. Decreased visual attention further from the perceived direction of gaze for equidistant retinal targets
  4. Enhanced accuracy in novel mirror drawing after repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation-induced proprioceptive deafferentation
  5. Extraocular muscle afferent signals modulate visual attention
  6. Eye muscle proprioception is represented bilaterally in the sensorimotor cortex
  7. Eye position representation in human anterior parietal cortex
  8. Eye proprioception used for visual localization only if in conflict with the oculomotor plan
  9. Inter-individual variability in optimal current direction for transcranial magnetic stimulation of the motor cortex
  10. Proprioception contributes to the sense of agency during visual observation of hand movements: evidence from temporal judgments of action
  11. Proprioceptive deafferentation slows down the processing of visual hand feedback
  12. Right temporoparietal cortex activation during visuo-proprioceptive conflict
  13. Role of somatosensory cortex in visuospatial attention
  14. Similar brain networks for detecting visuo-motor and visuo-proprioceptive synchrony
  15. The cortical eye proprioceptive signal modulates neural activity in higher-order visual cortex as predicted by the variation in visual sensitivity

[edit] As co-author

  1. Data mining a functional neuroimaging database for functional segregation in brain regions
  2. Mining for associations between text and brain activation in a functional neuroimaging database
  3. Mining the posterior cingulate: segregation between memory and pain components
  4. Role of oculoproprioception in coding the locus of attention
  5. Spatially valid proprioceptive cues improve the detection of a visual stimulus
  6. Visual sensitivity shifts with perceived eye position

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