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David C. Van Essen (David Van Essen)
Affiliation: Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis
Location: United States of America
Position: Professor
Databases: Neurotree
Link(s): http://neuroscience.wustl.edu/research/faculty.php?id=11
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David C. Van Essen is Edison Professor of Neurobiology and Head of the Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine.

David Van Essen was President of the Society for Neuroscience 2006–2007.[1]

He oversees the development of the SumsDB neuroimaging database.

[edit] Work

  1. A population-average, landmark- and surface-based (PALS) atlas of human cerebral cortex
  2. Cortical cartography and Caret software (2011)
  3. Lost in localization--but found with foci?!
  4. On navigating the human cerebral cortex: response to 'in praise of tedious anatomy'
  5. David C. Van Essen, Donna L. Dierker (2007). "Surface-based and probabilistic atlases of primate cerebral cortex". Neuron 56: 209-225.
  6. Symmetry of cortical folding abnormalities in Williams Syndrome revealed by surface-based analyses

[edit] As co-author

  1. Distributed hierarchical processing in the primate cerebral cortex
  2. Large-scale automated synthesis of human functional neuroimaging data
  3. The contributions of the prefrontal cortex and executive control to deception: evidence from activation likelihood estimate meta-analysis

[edit] Reference

  1. (date missing). SfN Presidents
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