EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset

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EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset
Category: EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset

Imagined movement

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EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset is an electroencephalography data set from PhysioNet available from:

The citations for the data set are:

  1. BCI2000: a general-purpose brain-computer interface (BCI) system
  2. PhysioBank, PhysioToolkit, and PhysioNet: components of a new research resource for complex physiologic signals

There is data from 109 subjects. There are 14 "runs":

  1. Baseline, eyes open
  2. Baseline, eyes closed
  3. Task 1, "open and close left or right fist"
  4. Task 2, "imagine opening and closing left or right fist"
  5. Task 3, "open and close both fists or both feet"
  6. Task 4, "imagine opening and closing both fists or both feet"
  7. ... (each of the tasks are repeated two times)

EEGtools may be used to read the EDF files.

[edit] Papers

  1. Classification of executed and imagined motor movement EEG signals
  2. Human brain distinctiveness based on EEG spectral coherence connectivity
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