Giorgio A. Ascoli

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Giorgio A. Ascoli
Affiliation: Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study
Location: United States of America
Databases: Neurotree
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Giorgio A. Ascoli is a researcher at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study where he heads the Computational Neuroanatomy Group.

He works with Hippocampal connectomics and has developed the NeuroMorpho.Org database of digitally reconstructed neurons,[1] and among the organizers of the DIADEM Competition.

[edit] Work

[edit] As co-author

  1. The NIFSTD and BIRNLex vocabularies: building comprehensive ontologies for neuroscience

[edit] References

  1. G. A. Ascoli, D. E. Donohue, M. Halavi (2007). "NeuroMorpho.Org: a central resource for neuronal morphologies". Journal of Neuroscience 27(35): 9247-9251. PMID: 17728438.
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