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Serotonin-2A receptor
Abbreviations: HTR2A
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Serotonin-2A receptor (HTR2A) is a gene located on chromosome 13 at 13q14-q14.3, consisting of 3 exons and 2 introns and 20 kB long.


[edit] Polymorphisms

  1. rs3125[1]
  2. rs6306 (C-1420T)
  3. rs6311 A-1438G
  4. rs6312 (A-783G)
  5. rs6313 T102C/C102T
  6. rs6314 His452Tyr
  7. rs1928040
  8. rs2070040
  9. rs7997012
  10. T516C, the C-allele is rare
  11. C1340T, the T-allele is rare
  12. C1354T, the T-allele is rare

[edit] Paper

  1. Involvement of a polymorphism in the 5-HT2A receptor gene in impulsive behavior
  2. Polymorphisms in the regulatory region of the human serotonin 5-HT2A receptor gene (HTR2A) influence gene expression

[edit] Personality genetics

  1. 5-HT2a receptor polymorphism gene in bipolar disorder and harm avoidance personality trait
  2. Impulsive traits and 5-HT2A receptor promoter polymorphism in alcohol dependents: possible association but no influence of personality disorders
  3. Serotonin 2A receptor gene is associated with personality traits, but not to disorder, in patients with borderline personality disorder
  4. Serotonin 2A receptor gene polymorphism and personality traits: no evidence for significant association
  5. Serotonin 5-HT2A receptor gene polymorphism, 5-HT2A receptor function and personality traits in healthy subjects: a negative study
  6. Serotonergic genes and personality traits in the Korean population

[edit] Mood disorders and genetics

  1. 5-HTR1A, 5-HTR2A, 5-HTR6, TPH1 and TPH2 polymorphisms and major depression
  2. Association between the serotonin 2A receptor gene and bipolar affective disorder in an Australian cohort
  3. Genetic association analysis of serotonin 2A receptor gene (HTR2A) with bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder in the Japanese population

[edit] Mood disorder and neuroimaging

  1. SPECT imaging of serotonin2 receptors in depression
  2. Serotonin 5-HT2 receptor imaging in major depression: focal changes in orbito-insular cortex
  3. The cortical serotonin2 receptors studies with positron emission tomography and (18F)-setoperone during depressive illness and anti-depressant treatment with clomipramine
  4. Prefrontal cortex 5-HT2 receptors in depression: a (18F) setoperone PET imaging study

[edit] Animal neuroimaging

  1. Neuro-imaging the serotonin 2A receptor as a valid biomarker for canine behavioural disorders

[edit] References

  1. E. Z. McAuley (2009). "Association between the serotonin 2A receptor gene and bipolar affective disorder in an Australian cohort". Psychiatr. Genet. missing volume: missing pages.
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