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Jan Larsen
Affiliation: Section for Cognitive Systems, Technical University of Denmark
Location: Denmark
Position: Associate Professor
Interest(s): Machine learning
Signal processing
Audio processing
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Link(s): http://people.compute.dtu.dk/janla/
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Jan Larsen is an Associate Professor at the Section for Cognitive Systems, Technical University of Denmark, DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark.

He is involved in the CoSound research project.[1]

Among his PhD Students has been Jens Madsen.

[edit] Work

  1. Adaptive regularization in neural network modeling
  2. Comments for: Rivals, I., & Personnaz, L. (2000). Construction of confidence intervals for neural networks based on least squares estimation. Neural Networks, 13, 463-484
  3. Generalization performance of regularized neural network models
  4. Independent component analysis in multimedia modeling

[edit] As co-author

  1. A survey of convolutive blind source separation methods
  2. Analysis of pre-germinated barley using hyperspectral image analysis
  3. Detection of skin cancer by classification of Raman spectra
  4. Exploring fMRI data for periodic signal components
  5. Generalizable patterns in neuroimaging: how many principal components?
  6. ICA of functional MRI data: an overview
  7. On design and evaluation of tapped-delay neural network architectures
  8. Part-of-speect enhanced context recognition
  9. Temporal analysis of text data using latent variable models

[edit] References

  1. http://www.cosound.dk/contact-us/
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