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Jari Saramäki
Affiliation: Aalto University
Location: Finland
Interest(s): Network
Databases: Google Scholar Twitter (JariSaramaki)
Link(s): http://www.lce.hut.fi/~jsaramak/
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Jari Saramäki is a Senior Researcher from Aalto University.

He has studied mobile communication networks and their temporal characteristics:

  • 'trigged events': 20-30 seconds is typical the most dense time between successive calls, e.g., calling two persons or receiving a call and thereafter making a call.
  • Temporal subgraph (TSG)
  • 'temporal motif'[1]
  • temporal homophily.[2] males: ping-pong; females: chains & stars.
  • Clustering coefficient has a peak at 9 days.
  • Plot of probability of call to a friend given the rank.[3]

Code for some of the methods published in a paper is available in https://github.com/lkovanen/TMFinder/

[edit] Work

  1. Generalizations of the clustering coefficient to weighted complex networks
  2. Persistence of social signatures in human communication

[edit] As co-author

  1. Small but slow world: how network topology and burstiness slow down spreading
  2. Temporal networks

[edit] References

  1. Temporal motifs
  2. Temporal motifs reveal homophily, gender-specific patterns, and group talk in call sequences
  3. Persistence of social signatures in human communication
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