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John Darrell Van Horn (John D. Van Horn, Jack Van Horn, John Van Horn)
Affiliation: Laboratory of Neuro Imaging
Dartmouth College
Location: United States of America
Interest(s): Neuroinformatics
Databases: Google Scholar Neurotree Scopus
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John Darrell Van Horn is a neuroinformatics researcher. While at Dartmouth College he was handling the fMRI Data Center.

He now is at the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of California, Los Angeles where he is Assistant Professor.

[edit] Work

  1. Databasing fMRI studies - towards a 'discovery science' of brain function
  2. Functional lateralization of the prefrontal cortex during traditional frontal lobe tasks
  3. Is it time to re-prioritize neuroimaging databases and digital repositories?
  4. Mapping the human brain: new insights from fMRI data sharing
  5. Neuroimaging databases as a resource for scientific discovery
  6. John Darrell Van Horn (2003). "Online availability of fMRI results images". Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 15(6): 769-770.
  7. Why share data? Lessons learned from the fMRIDC

[edit] As co-author

  1. Functional connectivity: integrating behavioral, diffusion tensor imaging, and functional magnetic resonance imaging data sets
  2. Publication bias in neuroimaging research: implications for meta-analyses
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