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Petter Holme
Affiliation: Umeå University
Location: Sweden
Position: Associate Professor
Interest(s): Network analysis
Internet modeling
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Petter Holme is Associate Professor in the IceLab at the Department of Physics, Umeå University. He has analyzing networks (e.g., dating networks) and their temporal network structure ("temporal vaccination").

[edit] Data sets

Among the data sets Holme has worked with are:

3188 nodes,
Internet dating 
29'341 nodes, 536'276 contacts
295'107 nodes, 64'625'283 contacts over 8'521 days
16'730 nodes, 50'632 contacts over 2'232 days. (Excort, Sex-buyer)

[edit] Work

  1. Attack vulnerability of complex networks
  2. Petter Holme, Christofer R. Edling, Fredrik Liljeros (2004). "Structure and time-evolution of an Internet dating community". Social Networks 26(2): 155-174. doi: 10.1016/j.socnet.2004.01.007.

[edit] As co-author

  1. Emergence of collective memories
  2. Exploiting temporal network structures of human interaction to effectively immunize populations
  3. Information dynamics shape the networks of Internet-mediated prostitution
  4. The network organisation of consumer complaints
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