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Responsible Business in the Blogosphere
Abbreviations: RBB

Measurement Systems for Ethical Capital in the Experience Economy: Socio-Economic Value of Online Communication

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Responsible Business in the Blogosphere (RBB) is a research project involving members of Copenhagen Business School, University of Milan and the Technical University of Denmark. The official title is Measurement Systems for Ethical Capital in the Experience Economy: Socio-Economic Value of Online Communication. The head of the project is Mette Morsing.

Introduction to the project:



[edit] Members

[edit] Advisory board

  1. Charles Elkan
  2. Joep Cornelissen
  3. Marco Gambaro

[edit] Papers

  1. A new ANEW: evaluation of a word list for sentiment analysis in microblogs
  2. Cognitive semantic networks: emotional verbs throw a tantrum but don't bite
  3. Collective remembering of organizations: co-construction of organizational pasts in Wikipedia
  4. Communicative dynamics and the polyphony of corporate social responsibility in the network society
  5. CSR as aspirational talk
  6. CSR communication for organizational legitimacy in social media
  7. Crisis communication online: how medium, crisis type and emotions affected public reactions in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
  8. Detecting Hierarchical Structure in Networks Workshop, 2012
  9. Ethics and value in customer co-production
  10. Facebook and the public framing of a corporate crisis
  11. General sentiment: an emerging value form in the information economy?
  12. Good friends, bad news - affect and virality in Twitter
  13. Humanitarian appeal and the paradox of power
  14. Institutionalization of corporate social responsibility within corporate communications. Combining institutional, sensemaking and communication perspectives
  15. The ethical economy: new forms of value in the information society?
  16. "The sum of all human knowledge": a systematic review of scholarly research on the content of Wikipedia
  17. Large scale topic modeling made practical
  18. Maintaining legitimacy: controversies, orders of worth and public justifications
  19. Mapping the importance of the real world: the validity of connectivity analysis of patent citations
  20. Mediating identity: a study of media influence on organizational identity construction in a celebrity firm
  21. Modelling dense relational data, 2012
  22. Non-parametric co-clustering of large scale sparse bipartite networks on the GPU
  23. On an emotional node: modeling sentiment in graphs of action verbs
  24. On relational capital in social media
  25. Responsible business in social media: towards new forms of interaction?
  26. State-owned enterprises: a corporatization of governments?
  27. Strategic framing in the BP crisis: a semantic network analysis of associative frames
  28. Talking the talk, moral entrapment, creeping commitment? Exploring narrative dynamics in corporate responsibility standardization
  29. The construction of corporate social responsibility in network society: a communication view
  30. The potential of consumer publics
  31. The political perspective of corporate social responsibility: a critical research agenda
  32. Value in informational capitalism and on the Internet. A reply to Christian Fuchs
  33. Wikipedia in the eyes of its beholders: a systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia readers and readership

[edit] Master Theses

[edit] Related papers

This is a listing of papers not derived from the project, but describes related research:

  1. Corporate social responsibility in the blogosphere (2010)
  2. New media, networking and phatic culture
  3. Has green news reporting gone green? An analysis of geographically diverse newspapers' online and print coverage of climate change
  4. Large-scale sentiment analysis for news and blogs
  5. Searching for new forms of legitimacy through corporate responsibility rhetoric
  6. Social media for socially responsible firms: analysis of Fortune 500's Twitter profiles and their CSR/CSIR ratings
  7. Social transmission, emotion, and the virality of online content
  8. SOGATO: a social graph analytics tool

[edit] Other

  1. Mette Morsing, Itziar Castello (2011-02). "I sync med Twitter - virksomheders engagement i sociale medier"

[edit] Events

  1. Social Media for Social Purposes
    1. Social Media for Social Purposes 2011
    2. Social Media for Social Purposes 2012
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