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Semantic wiki is a wiki that markup information using elements from the Semantic Web.

A 2008 paper, Semantics on demand: can a semantic wiki replace a knowledge base? reviewed 10 different semantic wiki engine.


[edit] Examples

[edit] Tools

  1. IkeWiki, Sebastian Schaffert
  2. PlatypusWiki[1]
  3. Semantic MediaWiki
  4. SemperWiki
  5. SWiM, Christoph Lange, for mathematics. Supports MathML, OpenMath and OMDoc.

[edit] Applications

  1. Brede Wiki, Scientific terminology and data (mostly neuroscience), not a full-feature semantic wiki, only templates and off-line databasing.
  2. ConnectomeWiki
  3. Neuro Wiki
  4. NeuroLex, Semantic MediaWiki, neuroscience terminology
  5. SNPedia

[edit] Events

  1. Workshop on Semantic Wikis

[edit] Papers

  1. A proposal for a gene functions wiki
  2. A semantic wiki within moodle for Greek medical education
  3. Arguing on issues with mathematical knowledge items in a semantic wiki
  4. Building a semantic wiki
  5. Graphingwiki - a semantic wiki extension for visualising and inferring protocol dependency
  6. IkeWiki: a semantic wiki for collaborative knowledge management
  7. KnowWE: a semantic wiki for knowledge engineering
  8. Peer-to-peer semantic wikis
  9. Personal and shared knowledge building in p2p semantic wikis
  10. PlWiki-a generic semantic wiki architecture
  11. Semantic MediaWiki (Krötzsch, 2006)
  12. Semantic wikis: a comprehensible introduction with examples from the health sciences
  13. Semantics on demand: can a semantic wiki replace a knowledge base?
  14. SemperWiki: a semantic personal wiki
  15. SweetWiki: a semantic wiki
  16. SweetWiki: semantic web enabled technologies in wiki
  17. SWOOKI: a peer-to-peer semantic wiki
  18. SWooki: supporting disconnection in a peer-to-peer semantic wiki
  19. Towards a semantic wiki wiki web
  20. Verification of distributed knowledge in semantic knowledge wikis
  21. Wikitaaable: A semantic wiki as a blackboard for a textual case-based reasoning system

[edit] References

  1. Towards a semantic wiki wiki web
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