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Researcher (help)
Sune Lehmann
Affiliation: Section for Cognitive Systems, Technical University of Denmark
Niels Bohr Institute
Institute for Quantitative Social Science
Location: Denmark
Position: Associate Professor
Interest(s): Network analysis
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Sune Lehmann Jørgensen is at the Section for Cognitive Systems, Technical University of Denmark. He has previously been at Postdoctoral Fellow at Institute for Quantitative Social Science.

He was among the organizers of Copenhagen Center for Computational Social Science Inaugural Workshop.

[edit] Work

  1. A quantitative analysis of indicators of scientific performance
  2. Biclique communities
  3. Citation networks in high energy physics
  4. Community detection, current and future research trends
  5. Deterministic modularity optimization
  6. Life, death, and preferential attachment
  7. Live and dead nodes
  8. Measures and mismeasures of scientific quality
  9. Measures for measures
  10. Structures in complex bipartite networks

[edit] As co-author

  1. A mobile personal informatics system with interactive visualizations of mobility and social interactions
  2. Bipartite networks of Wikipedia's articles and authors: a meso-level approach
  3. Inferring human mobility from sparse low accuracy mobile sensing data
  4. Link communities reveal multiscale complexity in networks
  5. Measuring large-scale social networks with high resolution
  6. Temporal fidelity in dynamic social networks
  7. The art of community detection
  8. The strength of the strongest ties in collaborative problem solving
  9. Tweetin' in the rain: exploring societal-scale effects of weather on mood
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