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Supplementary motor area
Abbreviations: SMA SMC

Supplementary motor cortex
Supplementary motor
Juxtapositional lobule cortex
Juxtapositional Lobule Cortex (formerly Supplementary Motor Cortex)

Category: Supplementary motor area

Motor area


Left supplementary motor area
Right supplementary motor area
Supplementary motor area proper
Presupplementary motor

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Supplementary motor area (SMA) is a brain area in the frontal lobe.

In the monkey the mesial area 6 can be divided into[1][2]

Some researchers call the "supplementary motor cortex" for "juxtapositional lobule cortex".[3] "Juxtapositional lobule cortex" is the phrase used in the Harvard-Oxford Atlas.


[edit] Papers

[edit] Reviews

  1. Supplementary motor area structure and function: review and hypotheses
  2. The supplementary motor area in the cerebral cortex

[edit] Original studies

  1. Cortical control of saccades and fixation in man: a PET study
  2. Right temporoparietal cortex activation during visuo-proprioceptive conflict
  3. Per E. Roland, B. Larsen, Niels A. Lassen, E. Skinhøj (1980). "Supplementary motor area and other cortical areas in organization of voluntary movements in man". Journal of Neurophysiology 43(1): 118-136. PMID: 7351547.

[edit] References

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